What made you decide to join the Army Reserve Nurse Corp?

  1. Can you please tell me what made you decide to join the Army Reserve Nurse Corp or the Active Nurse Corp?
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  3. by   wisergeiser

    I can only speak for myself, but I joined the ANC active duty for a couple of reasons. I am prior service enlisted, so I always rather wanted to go back in and get my retirement time in. Only need 10 yrs or so to get there, and at my age, that is hugely valuable. Also, after dorking around with my BSN for the last 8 yrs or so, I have a large student loan burden. The ANC will pay all of my student loans off within 3 yrs and I can work towards my retirement. To me, that is a win win situation. Personally, I would rather cut off my right arm than have to give the govt 80k or so. I also recently went through a divorce, and my son will be leaving the house in 2 yrs, so for me, I look at it as a new start or chapter to my career and maybe, this time 'round, I can have some fun in the process!Can't imagine what that must feel like. Plus, there's always the bonus of serving my country and I have always been proud to do so in the past. My son thinks I'm some kind of heroine, but really, I just try to be a good role model. I loved my prior service.
    Anyway, hope this helped!
  4. by   jeckrn
    was in Navy Reserve as a Hospital Corpsman with an ADN they said we will use your skills but not give you anything. The Army Reserves said come on over and become an officer. It was a no brainer, better pay, better retirement. Going active shortly for some of the reasons as wisergeiser.
  5. by   Staczse7
    multiple reasons for why I joined. The first most obvious is that I wanted to serve our country and give back to those that are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice---the giving of their lives to preserve what we have---freedom and choice. We as Americans are afforded so many freedoms that people in other countries are not allowed, free of speech, religion, press, marry whom you want (growing more and more daily) and afforded the right to make those choices without fear of persecution or prosecution. We are very fortunate!

    Another reason is a "this side of the house" thing...... I grew up poor..... I remember going to the grocery store and my mother buying our food with food stamps, us not having a car, us living in the project.......I grew....... I married a man (similar in characteristics to what my grandmother and mother married when do we as women learn we can't change the world one person at a time and try to do it in "our house"?) who is an alcoholic, who was verbally abusive and agressive....who would trash my favorite things, throw my favorite things away etc. Anyway, 17 years later and after having 7 kids I got out from under him. But, I did accomplish some things in preparation, I went on and got my nursing degree, I advocated for a daughter who was diagnosed w/ cancer, I lost quite a bit of weight and got in shape. The pity party for myself was over! and it was only because of the opportunity I was and still am given every day being a citizen of this great Country!

    Sure, the money thing was a small factor, the chance to get my student loans paid and the 30k bonus was a small influence......and the BA pay I get helps with my remaining 4 kids I am raising.....(3 are grown and gone)....but I needed to start ,for once think distance future, Social Security will be minimally helpful at best for those of us in our 40's, my 403b I started a couple of jobs ago "sh*t the bed" in this economy and barely has a pulse and I am hoping to get 20 years in be it AR, AD or AGR.

    And lastly, another reason is my kids.... I believe in setting by example. What better way to teach you need to give back what you take except for by example. We've been fortunate in our lives, they need to realize that.