What is it like to be a nurse in the navy reserve?

  1. I recently spoke to a recruiter about joining the navy to be a nurse. She was saying that after I was to complete my boot camp and the exam and the graduate from the technical school that I would be able to join the reserve. She was told me that I would be able to work full time at a hospital I want to as a nurse, and also work part time in the nurse reserve. One weekend a month I would go to and check in, then 2 weeks a year I would choose a location to travel to. Everything she was telling me sounded really great and I really want to join! I am just worried that there is a lot more that she did not tell me that I would not like. Is all she told me true? I was planning on going to the boot camp an such next summer (right before senior year). Then senior year I would be in the reserve in Illinois. After I graduate I was going to go and live in Pennsylvania and work full time as a normal civilian at a hospital and also be part time with the navy. I would not move unless I wanted to. Do I ever get told where to live if I am just in the reserve?

    Sorry if this is confusing I do not really know how else to say this!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I suspect your weekend each month is more than a "check-in," and your two weeks each year is at the direction of the Navy, I doubt you get to choose.

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