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  1. I know this sounds strange but i would like to do prn work in the VA hospital near where i am moving. I know the pay will be less then agency but I would like to "payback" some of the vets that gave so much to our country. Can anyone give me some guidence?
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  3. by   DelGR
    It never hurts to apply and ask. I know that many say that they (VA) don't hire part-timers or anyone without a BSN. Don't believe it. When they need people, they hire.
    With the new Nurse Qualification Standards, you will not be able to go past Nurse I level without a BSN (the last I heard). But, nothing is hard and fast in the VA. Things are always changing. The VA's budget, focus, who can utilize the VA, etc. is determined by Washington, D.C. and that is always changing as the administration, congress and the senate changes.
  4. by   ucavalpn
    I don't know if this is for all VA's , but I work at one in NC . We have what is called fee basis . This is the same as prn . I'd talk with the nurse recruiter where you want to work. I do know the pay for RN's is 35 $ q h and is usually an 8 h shift.
  5. by   SheilaK
    VA here in Shreveport doesn't seem to care AD or BSN, although BSN is preferred. We have a few part-timers and some full time RN's who just do their 40 in 3 days over the weekend. Which is nice as far as $ goes with the 25% diff for weekends.
  6. by   sjoe
    Check out to give you an idea of present openings. Also it will give you email, mail, phone contacts for nurse recruiters at the various facilities who can better answer your questions about their particular area.

    I worked for 1 1/2 years for the VA and have never found a better healthcare system. I use them for my own now and have in the past instead of private systems.