VA Home-based Primary Care

  1. Can anyone offer information on what it's like to work for the VA doing Home-based primary care? Also, how many clients are you typically assigned to take care of? Thanks!
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  3. by   jeckrn
    I enjoyed my time working in HBPC; its not like Medicare home health where you only see the patient for a couple of weeks then discharge them. If I remember right I had around 20 patients and seen them anywhere from 1-5 times a week depending on their needs. Some of the needs where simple like just filling a med planner for the week to others with complex treatments. One of the big things you do for these vets is give them someone to talk with on a frequent basis. Sometimes you are the only ones who they have any personal interactions with. The only reason I left that position was to complete my BSN and needed the flexibility of inpatient shifts.