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I have worked for the VA for ten years. I am a dedicated employee to what the VA does. The administration and staff leave something to be desired. THE BAD 1. Housekeeping walks around and... Read More

  1. by   Valerie Salva
    Quote from patrick1rn
    i have worked for the va for ten years. i am a dedicated employee to what the va does.
    the administration and staff leave something to be desired.

    the bad

    1. housekeeping walks around and goofs off and goes down to smoke all the time.
    2. a stat bed has to wait because the housekeeper is on his or her lunch break.. those lunch breaks seem to
    last the entire shift.
    3. secretarys are rude in person and on the phone
    4. it is the most politically correct place in the world to the point of being annoying. every picture has
    every demographic represented.
    5. although they deny it, i believe they have a quota system for hiring.
    6. the administration has no concept of reality when it comes to patient care.
    7. people are hired as adminstrators that have no leadership quality what so ever.
    8. time and money are not factors of waste at the va.
    9. the person that works at the front desk in a clinic should be nice to people, all of the time, some of my
    experiences as a veteran have been that this person is normally hostile.
    10. it seems that no one ever goes above and beyond the call of duty or to meet the standards, the exception being the patient care staff.
    11. housekeepers cant clean rooms worth a darn in the inpatient settings.
    12. some pharmacists are rude to both nurses and patients at times.
    13. alot of va nurses have only ever worked at the va, they have no idea how good they have it, none at all.
    and when it comes to being pulled or having a heavy assignment every blue moon, all hell breaks loose.
    14. it is sad when the union backs up a nurse who is lazy and has a bad attitude but yet can not be fired.

    the good

    1. patients are taken care of for the most part
    2. each hospital has a outpatient pharmacy for the veterans, the wait time is long, but they also deliver via
    postal service.
    3. they spend alot of money rebuilding things, new computer systems, new equipment
    i have worked at two vas (i'm at a va now) and i agrree w/ your statements for the most part- especially that parts i bolded in blue, but the part i bolded in red is not true in my va experience.

    at both of the vas and the three units i've worked, the nursing staff are run to death- just totally run into the ground. the staff is great for the most part, but i could never work my current unit permanently- it would put me into an early grave.