Periop Nurse Need In Military Reserves?

  1. Currently a periop nurse with 8 years experience. 40. Excellent shape. CNOR. Finishing BSN in May. Is there a need for periop and is it across the services? I notice the Navy website states in demand. Are bonuses being offered? I know a recruiter is the best to talk to but just curious if anyone knew. Thanks.
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  3. by   jfratian
    I don't know about sign-on (accession) bonuses. For the AF, OR is the highest need specialty. I do know OR nurses in the AF are eligible for $20K per year of retention bonuses (for re-signing); those are typically more generous than the sign-on bonuses.

    Don't join the Navy! None of your 8 years will count towards rank because you got it prior to your BSN. You will likely enter as an O-1 in the Navy. I think you would enter as an O-3 in the Army or Air Force. That's about a $10K difference in your annual pay.
  4. by   techraider77
    Thanks. Definitely good to know.