Negotiating with Detailers Navy nursing

  1. I'm waiting on the selection board to release their accessions candidates officially but if selected, what are some tips to getting my preferred duty station and even going overseas. I have 4 years ED/Trauma nursing experience with my CEN/ACLS/PALS/ENPC/TNCC/NRP/ASLS certifcations. I have never been in the military before but don't want to go to one of the "big 3" naval hospitals if I don't have to.
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  3. by   schertz7
    I too am waiting for the results from the October boards - Good luck!

    From what I've been told by my recruiter and some current/prior Navy nurses, getting to go OCONUS on your first assignment is unlikely. You don't necessarily have to do Big 3 first, but you will at some point in terms of career/rank advancement. If selected, a detailer will call you and tell you what jobs are available at which hospitals based on what specialty you are credentialed in and you can either pick one or decline the commission at this time.. I have heard of a few new Navy nurses getting Japan or other overseas assignment for their first station but most of them ended up in L&D, not ED/Trauma. I think if you want to stay in ED/Trauma you might be better off asking around as to what hospitals have the type of facility/patient base you are looking for (which likely will be the Big 3 or other larger stateside facilities) so you don't end up pigeonholed into helping deliver babies or med-surg or whatever at some of the smaller hospitals elsewhere.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   vinstafa
    If you're credentialed as a 1945, the Navy is bringing you into be a 1945.

    The whole point of being a DA is to get civilian trained nurses streamlined to working in speciality areas (ED, ICU, OR). Is there a chance you get placed elsewhere? Yes, but not likely.

    As a 1945, you have basically every duty station "available". The odds of you going to Europe are slim; the detailers tend to take care of our recently deployed nurses with these tours; as they should. If selected, they will probably float Guam (probably the closest to a civilian ED) and Oki for overseas. CONUS- Big 3, JAX, CP, Lejuene.
  5. by   MissIllCrisis
    My recruiter said they haven't accepted or declined anyone from the October or November selection board. They have just been focusing on the NCP program. Is that unusual? I'm going stir crazy waiting on an answer!

    Vinstafa, I completely agree they should go to those previously deployed as first dibs. I wanted to check and see where I had the best chance to get stationed so I would know where a reasonable place to ask my detailer for.
  6. by   Gary Mendoza
    My experience has been, there is no negotiation with the gov't 99.9% of the time. It's either do what they want or they don't want you.
  7. by   vinstafa
    Ask for whatever you want; if you don't ask, you don't get. The worst they can say is no