Navy PRT

  1. Questions about the Navy push-ups for female vs male. Are they the same, as in the traditional form, OR is there a modified approach for females? Have a friend who is prior military that told me the female push-ups are modified, but I haven't seen/heard that to be the case. Is there a difference enlisted to officer also?? Working on my PRTs and want to be doing them correctly from the start........

    Anyone in the Navy happen to know???

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  3. by   just_cause
    If you go to youtube and search you can find the video examples to help you out.
    hah. I haven't seen the idea of different standards between officer and enlisted... lol.. wow No the physical standards are based on age and gender only.
  4. by   jeckrn
    The push ups are the same for male and female. How many you have to do are based on sex & age. When I was in the Navy the standards where the same for officer & enlisted.