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I'm sure this question has been asked more than once, so please bear with me. I've been sifting through all the information I can find, but I still don't quite understand... I've just started... Read More

  1. by   Blessed2BeMommy
    LOL, I found one of my own answers. Hypothyroidism is only a disqualifier if it is uncontrolled (mine is not) and ADHD is only a disqualification if I'm on meds (or have been within a year)... so, time to get off the Adderall. I only went on it because I had a psychotic instructor in nursing school (seriously, she was, she took a shotgun to herself a few weeks after my rotation!) who heard me joking with a friend about ADHD, for which I had never been medicated and graduated with honors from ever yprogram I had ever been in and made it a stipulation that I get medication to remain in her class. I did it because it wasn't worth the fight to not do it. Honestly, I've only stayed on it because it has helped me with a stubborn metabolism to take off extra pounds from the last munchkin and at this point I only take it about once or twice a week.... so, time to go off of it completely. It will be just over a year before I graduate BSN, so that's perfect.
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  2. by   lr0325
    I will be graduating in less than a week now with my BSN then i will study for the nclex. i am really considering being an army nurse but i am a little scared cause i hear a lot of pp saying the army promises you a lot of stuff that u will not get!!! i live in ny now, starting salary in the hospital i want to work in is 72K. but i kind of want to leave ny and do something else. i guess im bored!
    well i was thinking about becoming an army nurse and going to san diego... any suggestions any advice?????????
  3. by   athena55
    Hello and welcome to AllNurses!
    I can't speak for the Navy side of the House, but as an Army Nurse I can most honestly say "Army Strong just not Army Wealthy!"
    You will not be making that kind of salary as an 0-1 or even 0-2
    Most important advice I or any one else on this forum will give you is....MAKE SURE you talk with a Health Care Recruiter.
    Here is a great website that might give you more insight on Army Nursing:
    Hey, congratulations on obtaining you BSN. Good luck with your Boards (NCLEX)!
  4. by   lifeafter40
    ^ what she said! One other thing to keep in mind though is that if you join the Army as Active duty, I do not know what your chances are of going to San Diego... and especially of staying there (not sure about in the Reserves) But remember, you will not make NY salary starting out in the Army, but most likely, you will also not be living in such a cost of living location either. 72K may be a starting salary for NY, but here in Kansas City (and many other places) 72K is VERY good money for a BS prepared professional. All I am saying is to be sure and look at all the factors in whatever choices you consider.

    Best of Luck,
  5. by   lr0325
    Thank you both so much for your reply! i will def. take that into consideration!
  6. by   angiexo_0
    I want to join the Navy Nurse corps really bad, but... I'm not very good with math and i went to a recruiter and he didn't really answer my question he just told me he was a nuclear technician and told me that he was really good in that subject . Is that going to be a problem or what do you recommend me to do?
  7. by   lifeafter40
    Quote from angiexo_0
    I want to join the Navy Nurse corps really bad, but... I'm not very good with math and i went to a recruiter and he didn't really answer my question he just told me he was a nuclear technician and told me that he was really good in that subject . Is that going to be a problem or what do you recommend me to do?
    First of all, it does not sound like you were talking to a Medical recruiter... Second, you will have to have a BSN to join the Nurse Corps (I am assuming the requirement is the same as the Army)... Most BSN programs I have looked at only require College Algebra as your highest math... if that will be a problem for you, many schools (especially Junior Colleges) have developmental math classes you can take to bring you up to the level you need to be to pass the College Algebra... I would start with your school councilor

    Good Luck,
  8. by   angiexo_0
    Do you know anything about NROTC in colleges? because he just told me that when I finish boot camp that they'll send me to a NAVY that true???or is there something else that
    I have to do before that.
  9. by   smattles1of2
    Google "nurse candidate program." And talk to a medical officer recruiter! The one you are talking to now sounds like he wants to enlist you!
  10. by   dtkene
    As it's been said... this thread has been fabulous!

    I just got accepted into the Navy and am waiting for my "Official" documents to arrive in the mail so that I am officially accepted. I am not sure what that means, but I eagerly await!

    I graduated this past friday from school and am waiting for my golden ticket to allow me to take NCLEX!

    My top choices for the Navy are San Diego, Portsmouth, and Bethesda... I hear the whole large hospital thing is a great idea

    I am leaving for India the end of September to volunteer and hope to swear in the beginning of December and go to OTS in January.

    I am curious about how soon I get my bonus and first check. I am not working a lot and obviously will have no income in India! I have to save money so that I don't go bankrupt my first week out there!

    I've noticed that Navy time does not line up with my timeline... they move at a different pace. How much does that affect my plan to get in in January? Does that affect requested time off?

    How does one go about finding housing in these large cities if they do not qualify for base housing and want to live cheaply but comfortably?

    I'm sure I'll think of more questions... they always come to mind when I am miles from a computer!!

    Thanks to all who have contributed! especially those who say the good and bad... I couldn't get that out of my recruiter!
  11. by   amjmm11

    Congrats on being accepted! When did you submit your packet? How long before you were accepted?

  12. by   dtkene
    I began my packet in February and I think it was mid June that I submitted it... I am applying for the 2009 fiscal year I think... the one that starts in October. So it took a long time to get it all in and I still haven't gotten my official documents!
  13. by   midwesternboy
    You will receive you first pay check during your time at ODS in Newport, RI. However, the ODS website says that sometimes things take a little longer, so you may not get paid until the end of ODS. But don't fret, you will get paid!
    You receive you bonus at your first duty station after ODS, i.e. San Diego, etc. If you just graduated, all your federal loans won't start repayment until after you are in, so don't worry too much about those. I'm not too sure on how the private side works.
    If you are planning on going to India, do all of the traveling you can before you enter active duty.
    I'm not in the Navy yet, just considering. However, I have read through many of these threads, and hopefully the active Navy duty nurses will chime in to answer all your questions.
    -recent BSN