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Hello to all Navy NCP students! I am graduating in two months and finally got an email from Bethesda that I can now contact detailer for ODS dates and first duty station. I cannot believe it takes so... Read More

  1. by   runnergirl86
    Congratulations to everyone! I am currently stationed at WRNMMC Bethesda if anyone has any questions feel free to PM me.
  2. by   aketamax
    Yes, I have a ton of questions! Relocation, HOUSING, sponsor, schools, etc. I emailed to one person yesterday to get me in contact with sponsor, but did not hear anything back yet. I am coming to Bethesda the week of March 24th. Hopefully, I can meet and talk with some people. Any information you have, I will gladly accept and be grateful for
  3. by   aketamax
    I am coming to Bethesda just for a visit. My actual date is August 5th.
  4. by   StudentForever77
    Quote from aketamax
    Thank you! I live in Illinois, so I probably could go either West or East. Did you go thru ODS?
    Im NCP 2014 and also live in IL... Im by NAVSTA Great Lakes... are you also in the area?
  5. by   aketamax
    No, I live in Southern IL close to Vincennes, IN.
  6. by   240zRN
    Hi all. I was selected with my duty station being Camp Pendleton. I report to ODS in RI on May 12th, I was wondering if anyone else here had the same ODS date, maybe we can exchange some info and touch base when we get there--its always nice to buddy up for these kinds of things beforehand.
  7. by   BSN-NavyNurse
    Hello 240zRN,

    I should be reporting to ODS on May12th as well :-). I will be taking my NCLEX-RN exam in a week and plan on smashing it on the first attempt so I do hope to see you in RI! I do agree that having a buddy system in place is quite nice before the start of ODS. A little about myself: 25y/o F from Chicago, IL and graduated from Chamberlain College of Nursing with my BSN a few weeks ago. My first duty station as of right now is Bethesda, MD but of course that could change...needs of the Navy first :-).
  8. by   240zRN
    Hope to see you there. About myself: 27 yo from bay area california. Graduated 2011 but worked some icu and a small ed. Hopefully I can pass this prt. Been doin push ups every other day. Lol
  9. by   BSN-NavyNurse
    I am a bit concerned about the PT part although I'm not completely out of shape. I started my PT plan at the end of November and have had times where I was working out everyday, but now that I'm studying for boards I've slipped a bit on my exercise routine. I hope to get the ball rolling in a week or so!!

    I think it's cool that you have experience in ICU/ER. My last clinical for 3 months was at an inner city do I have some stories, lol. :-)
  10. by   240zRN
    It isnt much exprience. I did a 10 month residency in ICU and I landed a job in an ER inside a Prison--it operated much like a rural ED; we transfered most things out, but did abd/chest workups as well as small procedures.

    I'm trying to get my PRT scores in the "excellent range" but it's not looking so good lol. I might have to settle for the "satisfactory" rating this time around.
  11. by   BSN-NavyNurse
    I'm sure we'll do fine in PT because I've seen some of the pictures from ODS on Facebook and not every individual looks completely fit. I know it's not nice to look for stuff like that but it makes me feel a little bit better about myself, lol.

    So do you know where you will be stationed after ODS? Right now it's Bethesda, MD for me. :-)
  12. by   calledtoserve
    Hi 240zRN & BSN-NavyNurse,

    I'm reporting to ODS in May too! I would love to be able to start "meeting" fellow classmates before arriving in RI, but I've always been rather wary of posting on public sites... I was just a lurker on allnurses dot com all the way through nursing school, but created an account to reply to this thread since I had been checking frequently to see if anyone else going to the May class would post anything.

    Would you guys be interested in a non-public group (LinkedIn or something) set up for us and our classmates? Who knows, there might be some more lurkers out there reading this

  13. by   BSN-NavyNurse
    Hello called-to-serve,

    That would be a great idea! I'm already on linked-in and would enjoy a group dedicated to the May ODS class :-) . There is also a Facebook group dedicated to Navy officer development school (that is what you look up when you're on FB and it should pop up). I'll have to mess with linked-in and see how to create a group, not sure how to do that yet :-) .