Missed navy NCP deadline...now what

  1. Hello,
    I am currently a BSN student on track to graduate Febuary 2019. I have just decided the Navy is the course for me. I unfortunatly missed the Nuring Candidate Program deadline for this year. I was talking to my recruiter about just appling in september 2018 but he said I did not qualify because i would only habe 9 months of school left and the requirements is 12 months of school left.
    1)My question is if anyone has had this problem and what they did, anyway around it?
    2)worth looking into other branches?
    3) If i take a summer class to extend my graduation date would that work
    4)Is there any real difference between applying to the Navy while in a BSN programe vs post graduation?

    Thank you for all the help!
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  3. by   schertz7
    You could go the direct accession route. That's what I ended up doing. You'll have to have a minimum of 3 months of experience post-BSN, post-orientation period.. which is fine because it's a long application process (I started November of last year and my packet just went to the board this month). Keep your GPA up, get involved in your SNA or some other clubs/volunteer organizations, get a civilian job and start racking up some experience all while you're working on your paperwork and going through the DA application process. Talk to your recruiter - they can guide you through the process. I started the application process while I was in block 4 of my BSN program so you might be able to do something similar.
  4. by   LukeShoe
    Hey thank you for the advice, looks like that may be my best route. I like the idea of getting ivolved with the local clubs too. Do you know the likely hood of actually being hired with under a year of experience by the navy?
  5. by   schertz7
    Well I think it really varies. I would ask your recruiter. I am prior service, had a 3.5 GPA, was president of my local SNA and have about 9 months experience in a step down ICU - I'm still being told it's a total coin toss if I'll get selected on my first try. Maybe one of the more experienced Navy nurses in here can offer us both some good news on this front! I have been told that if at first you don't succeed, try again because another six months of experience can make a big difference to the boards.
  6. by   NDnurse84
    Hey LukeShoe,
    I also missed the deadline for the NCP this year as well, I was totally bummed out. However, I am prior navy as well and will be finishing my BSN in August of '19, I was told that I could only apply my junior year. I agree schertz7, I have been getting involved in some local community volunteering, like Meals on Wheels, Relay for life, and being an active volunteer in veterans programs at the school and speaking with kids in the classroom when teachers ask. My recruiter told me to get back into contact with him when I hit my last semester of school so we can start preparing my package as there are so many letters of recommendation needed. He suggested that a couple come from the professors since I would be such a new grad. Its a bummer that no other nursing experience counts because even though I am an LPN I have a couple years of OR experience. But Im keeping my chin up and ready to move back somewhere warm. Its flipping cold in North Dakota.