Married and looking to go military after BSN

  1. Originally, I had thought the Navy turned me down, turns out they took an extra long time to get things completed. Which they still are in the process of doing. My recruiter says it looks favorable for me now. My recruiter even thought I was not accepted and informed me of the news. So, thinking the Navy was a done deal I quickly submitted a package to the Army being I had most things already completed from Navy. ie)MEPS My recruiter understood the move I made and said he would have done the same thing if he wanted to be in the military and thought one branch had already not accepted him. The Army recruiter said it may take a month, two at the most and I would get an answer. He said based on my package it should be a sure lock. So to be fair to both myself, and the recruiters in each branch I'd like to hear about the process and evolution of an RN in each branch, relating to work env., advancement opps., deployment durations, and lifestyle, as I am married. Both understood my situation and ultimately said it's up to me to decide which is best for me, and neither would be upset if I had selected the other, given the opportunity to enter each branch.
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  3. by   hopefulinFairbanks
    I am looking at applying to both Army and Navy and see who has what to offer. I am prior service Navy and my husband is currently Army, we miss the Navy Hopefully will get NCP for either branch.

    How was the MEPS process, and did you have to run a PT/PRT prior to applying or is that done after being selected?
  4. by   jeckrn
    You are doing the right think by explorering each service. Ask the recruiters to give you contact numbers of nurses from each service & speak with them. If possible go to a medical facility for both to see what they are like, have the recruiters arrange that too.