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I'm in the process of applying for the Air Force as a new BSN/RN grad, and I'm anxious about the interviews (as well as MEPS and COT). From what I have read and heard, the NP is a phone interview and... Read More

  1. by   carolinapooh
    Know the mission of the Air Force and the core values; I feel certain you'll be asked about them. When/if they ask you patient care questions, if you're unsure of the answer, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with saying you might not feel completely sure of what to do and you'd seek out the assistance of a more experienced colleague (the answer in the Air Force, or any branch for that matter, is NEVER 'I don't know'). If it's about something you're unfamiliar with, I personally think it's appropriate to say you'd use all resources at your disposal to get the answer (like an unfamiliar drug or procedure). Remember your ABC's, though - you'll almost never go wrong with that if you start there.

    Have a solid answer as to WHY you want to cross into the blue - make sure it's more than flag waving (although a bit of that never hurt anyone either). I'd say it's a given that you want to serve our country and saying it never hurt anyone.

    If you need a moment to think about an answer, take it - don't rush in with the first thing that pops into your head.

    Be uber-professional; remember to address the interviewer as sir or ma'am.

    Dress appropriately - it disturbs me when folks ignore this one thing that's the most important because this is one time you REALLY don't get a second chance to make a first impression! I wore a suit (because I own three of them), but if you don't have a suit, just dress as professionally as possible, and if you don't own anything appropriate (some folks just don't, and that's OK), invest in something nice if you can (you don't have to spend a fortune to do this, either). I don't know if you're male or female, but if you're female, you don't HAVE to wear a skirt; dress slacks are quite appropriate. If you are a girl, easy on makeup, and if you have long hair, I'd recommend pulling it up. Look the part as much as you can walking in the door; it will go a long way for you.

    Don't be nervous (easier said than done, I know) - you'll do fine! Keep us posted and good luck!
  2. by   mt_nurse
    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I had my interview last Friday, and I came prepared and confident. The interview went well. It's not like a typical job interview. They asked me why I chose to join the Air Force, if I was ready/willing to be deployed, and about an ethical dillema I faced and how you handled it. Other than that, it was more like just a conversation revolving around my education and successes. I came prepared with questions too. It's important to have questions to ask the chief nurse because it shows that you are proactive. Don't forget to smile! It's infective. I walked out of the interview with the chief nurse excited to have me on board. She even hugged me and said she'd like me to work at her hospital! That was so touching. So yeh, it wasn't a typical type of interview. I guess it all depends on the interviewer.

    Good luck to everyone!
  3. by   carolinapooh
    With the exception of the hug (my interviewer was a male lieutenant colonel), it sounds pretty much like my interview and every other one I've heard about (except the ones that you hear about that you KNOW went bad from the moment the door was opened). You're right, it's not a "typical" job interview in a lot of ways; I've heard that most of them are very conversational but you never know what type of person you're going to end up with, you know?

    I know you're glad that's out of the way - now STAY ON YOUR RECRUITER to make sure all your paperwork gets done and is submitted correctly to AFPC. Seriously - it sounds terrible, but be very proactive and don't be afraid to chase him/her up if you don't feel like something's getting done.

    And above all, keep us posted!
  4. by   mt_nurse
    Thanks a lot carolinapooh! Yes, I'm on my recruiter to get my application completed. I'm meeting up with her to complete the my paperwork next Wednesday. After that, then it's just hopefully going to be a waiting game with the board. I want to be in USAF so badly.

    For the meanwhile, since it's so difficult to find a job as a new grad, I'll be doing flu/pneumonia vaccines starting this September! I hope I don't have to wait too long.
  5. by   Spencer2002
    "Ask and Thou Shall Receive" I got the phone call from the recruiter. I'm leaving for Oct 09 COT. Thanks to everyone who has had input on all the message board. What a great website for nurses! GO AIR FORCE!
  6. by   mt_nurse
    congratulations! have fun at COT. if you have time when you get back from training, let me know how it goes because i maybe going to january COT. best wishes to you!
  7. by   BabyRN05
    Spencer did you get orders to Mountain Home AFB?
  8. by   UTstudent
    I have my Chief Nurse interview tomorrow, wish me luck. That is all I have left in the process and will board in Oct. The recruiter says I should know whether I got in, the end of Nov.

    I will go to COT Jan. 11. I can't wait.
  9. by   mobro
    good luck! sounds like you're about where i am in the process. i should have my interview early next week. but my recruiter said january COT will probably be full so i'll have to wait til march!
  10. by   UTstudent
    What state do you live in? I live in Texas, so my recruiter runs the surrounding states. As far as it being full, I guess, but stay on your recruiter about going in Jan. if you want. Mine was trying to make me pursue March, but I said no way.
  11. by   mobro
    i live in ga. luckily the recruiter is only about an hour away. are you nervous about going?? i was so excited a while back but now that it's getting more real it's a little scarier that i'll be packing up and leaving! still exciting but also very unknown. i've been working as a nurse for less than a month so that doesn't help thing! haha.
  12. by   UTstudent
    I'm actually prior Active Duty Air Force and am currently in the guard. So I am more excited, not to scared. I've been through most of it. I graduate college in Dec. I am more scared about being a new nurse and taking my NCLEX
  13. by   mobro
    if you can serve in the air force and the guard you can pass NCLEX! good luck with your interview!