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Has anyone received there military ID before going to OBLC? I just received my direct commission in to the active ANC on the 8th of May, however I won't go to OBLC until at least Oct. I should be... Read More

  1. by   Rose3721
    Yeah, it's called a CAC card. I just took in my oath of office paperwork and 2 picture IDs.
  2. by   GoGreen09
    The woman on the phone said something about it being a DEERS card? I think that's what she said, so maybe I have the wrong thing?? My recruiter is on vacation this week otherwise I'd ask him...haha...
  3. by   Rose3721
    Unless I'm mistaken, we inprocess into DEERs at Ft Sam. The ID card shouldn't be a problem. At the ID card office here the guy helping me had to ask someone else how to do it so probably the person you're talking to just doesn't know. I would just try to talk to someone else.
  4. by   Staczse7
    Quote from GoGreen09
    Just an FYI:
    I just called the ID card office. Apparently, I will have to wait to get to Fort Sam in order to get my ID. You must be Active Duty status in order to get one, and since I am considered IRR right now until I go down there, I can't get one.

    I was considered IRR when I got my ID. HRC has been putting people into the IRR as a "holding position" so people dont get lost. I had even gotten my ID before my orders.

    I would suggest, if you live near an ID office, just go there w/ your two forms of ID. You dont need to only go to ARMY offices, any branch of the military will give you one.