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  1. Hello All,

    I am an undergraduate senior at the University of Oklahoma and prior-service Air Force. Once I graduate this May, I wll start a 14 month accelerated BSN program (also at OU). I am preparing for my initial interview with the local USAF health professions recruiter (30-March). I sent him my generic resume (prepared for grad-school application) and he asked me to tailor it. Does anyone have an idea as to what that means? Should I lead with my AF experience or education? Should I tailor it specifically to the nursing profession or to the AF in general? What can I do to increase my chances of selection?

    I apologize for the barrage of questions. I am just a bit nervous. Thanks!

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  3. by   wtbcrna
    These are the topic areas that you should cover for a USAF nurse corps resume.

    Your Name Centered/bolded on the Top line, and your address right below that centered/not bolded also.

    (These topics are left justified and bolded)






    National Certifications

    Professional Organizations

    Readiness Training

    Miscellaneous Awards/Recognitions

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   IowaRNBSN
    WTBCRNA pretty much summarized it. I had a Lt. Col review my resume (same Lt. Col I interviewed with). I initially had a resume that was just 1 ended up being 3 pages long.The Lt Col stressed the importance of the resume in that it is one of the main things that the board looks at for your experience.

  5. by   Scott5383
    Thanks a lot, you two! Your posts were very helpful. It turns out that my worries were misplaced. As Iowa suggested, the resume isn't really for the recruiter. I have re-written it though and I think it is much better now. I was trying to keep it to one page, but i guess that doesn't matter. Thanks again!

  6. by   midinphx
    Ask your recruiter if you can look at other nurses' resumes (if they agree of course). When I did mine, I used the same format as another RN who had been accepted. It isn't at all like my civilian resume. It was more wordy and more indepth with my pt care experience highlighted.
  7. by   PNP4KIDZ
    Hi Scott! I think we may share the same recruiter who has a 4-state area. Make sure to address the AF mission in your objective somehow. I am a PNP from Kansas. What are your plans with the AF?
  8. by   PNP4KIDZ
    I don't want to mention the recruiter's name, but he does such a phenomenal job!