Health Professions Loan Repayment Program (Army/Airforce)

  1. Hello,

    I am wondering if the health professions loan repayment program only applies to nursing school loans? I pay for my on campus housing using loans, so would that be included too? Also, would my student loans that I have for my prerequisite courses (anatomy, microbiology etc) that allowed me to get into nursing school be covered under this loan repayment program?

    My student loans are high (90-100k), however only about 40k of that is directly from nursing school. I want to make sure if I defend my country and be a part of the military that I have at least SOME of it paid off through the government.

    Besides this, if anyone knows of any more loan benefits from the military, please share!

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  3. by   Traumasaurus
    My understanding is that all student loans would be covered, but do an internet search and read the actual regulation on it to be sure. ALSO, it is taxable. So even if they agree to pay $100,000 in your student loans, you would probably still have around 25k at least to pay on your own.
  4. by   jfratian
    It is all loans in YOUR name and YOUR name only. That means that parent plus loans where your parent cosigned are not eligible. I found this out the hard way and some of my loans were not covered.

    Also, your loans must be certified by the US Dept of Education. That means that some private bank loans will also not qualify.

    Further, as the other poster stated, they take taxes out up-front. That means, even if they agreed to pay off 100K, you would only get 75K or so.

    The good news is that all active duty military have loan interest capped at 6% under the SCRA. That might save you some money on the loans you can't get paid off.
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    Hello all.

    I found a document (army):

    It states: "Loan repayment is authorized only for expenses that occur
    after the point that a person would be eligible for commissioning as a health services officer in the AFHPSP/FAP."

    also ineligble:

    Undergraduate (pre-professional degree) loans or loans incurred prior to eligibility for commissioning

    So I guess this would include pre-requiste classes.
  7. by   nrryan
    I applied and was accepted for the HPLRP this year. The repayment will cover prerequisite classes. As stated by others, they will withhold 25% for taxes. If you have any other questions, let me know and I do my best to answer them. It's a semi-difficult process but it was totally worth it in my opinion!