Government NP abroad - State Dept, CIA, etc

  1. Can anyone speak to their experiences with being an NP for a civilian dept/agency that sends its own healthcare personnel abroad? Application/interview/intake/day-to-day/unexpected facts of life/etc?
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  3. by   Flames9_RN
    Since no 1 has answered I will chime in what little I know. I worked at a USA Emabssy as an eligible family member (my wife was with the State Dept) The health unit was small and staffed by a local nurse, me and a State Dept NP. Bigger Embassies/consulates may have bigger staff and Doctor(s) She enjoyed the life as a Foreign Sevice NP....Get to see the world on the govt dime....housing is free, keeping in mind some locations the housing is so-so and house allocation goes by family size and rank. As well posting assignments goes by you can guess who is going to get the much desired spots...not the new person,lol She has loved her career and I can see why..some days its pretty routine, lot of stomach issues....minor stuff....then wham, ur organizing a medivac flight for a patient back to the USA. The pay may seem less that what NPs are making in the USA....then again ur not having to pay rent (we rented out our condo back in the USA) cost of living in some places are fairly inexpensive. Postings vary in length and sometimes can be extended..and when u do move, they do all the packing/unpacking....Its a neat lifestyle that many really seem to enjoy.