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  1. I've been thinking about joining the navy. I need a break from school and i'll have an RN in may. I wanted to know the military nurses or corpsmans opinions of going active duty corpsman and getting my BSN online or going reserves and trying to get a job and doing an online BSN. I have a BS degree just not in nursing and I'll have a RN degree in may. Also how hard would it be to go reserves and get my BSN and then go active? I already work full time and go to school so thats not an issue (I currently don't work in health care)

    Thanks for any insight
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  3. by   jeckrn
    I would go reserves. If you go active you might not be picked up for a commission due to the drawn down. At least if you go reserves for TA etc. you will still be able to work as a RN when you are not doing your Navy duties. On active you will not work as a RN.
  4. by   Animal3
    I agree with the above. I was a corpsman and it is hard to gain a commission once enlisted they make you wait till it would be time to reenlist. I would work as an RN and finish online.
  5. by   NursePamela
    If Nursing is what you really want I would hold out; to have your RN and work as a corpsman would be frustrating.
  6. by   jeckrn
    No, its not too bad working as a HM while in the reserves while you are a RN. I did it for several years, it all depends on what your goals are. As far as having to wait until your contract is up that is a command decision since they can give you a conditional release for your commission. I had several years left on my contract when I applied for my commission and there were no issues with my command. I even switched services.

    By reading the orginal post again are you going to have your ADN or BSN in the spring? If its your BSN, diffently wait and then apply for your commission. If its your ADN you will have to decied which route you want to take.
  7. by   Lvelasquez89
    Don't do enlisted if your close to graduation.