eight year commitment on three year term?

  1. if you sign a 3 year contract is it true that they can recall you up to 8 years? i've read that yes they can and i've also read that that's only if they've paid for your education. does anyone know which is correct??
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  3. by   Tessaprn
    If you are speaking about military service then you may sign for 3 years but you will be obligated for 6 years. Which means you are discharged after your 3 year contract but can be recalled for that remaining time. Example of being recalled is the current war.
  4. by   wtbcrna
    All initial military contracts are for 8yrs, so you can be called backed after your initial 3-4yrs if you decide to get out.

    "Enlistment Periods. Thought you were enlisting for four years? Think again. It may surprise you to learn that ALL non-prior service enlistments in the United States Military incurs a total eight year service obligation. Yep. When you sign that enlistment contract, you are obligating yourself to the military for a total of eight years. Whatever time is not spent on active duty, or in the active Guard/Reserves (if you enlisted in the Guard/Reserves) must be spent in the inactive reserves."

  5. by   jeckrn
    If you are commissioned you are abled to be recalled until you resign your commission even after your first 8 years. Some officers where recalled during OIF/OEF long after their 8 years where up. What this means is that you are unable to resign for 8 years then you would be able.
  6. by   mobro
    i guess i should have clarified...i'd be commissioned as an officer and working as a nurse in the air force. so once i got out in three years i could be called back in at any point in the next five?
  7. by   zombie
    You are classified in Inactive Ready Reserve. You have the possibility of being called back.

    If you really do not want to go back and really adamant about it no matter what. there are ways of not going.

    but yeah your committed. read the fine print.
  8. by   just_cause
    8 years is initial obligation of total time - regardless of enlisted/officer - the 'surprise' to many was that officer have to administratively resign their commission after their obligation time was complete.. many got out and after completely IRR thought they were 'done' but effectively could still be called back, and some were.. new legislation is now in place so after 2 years post obligatory period you have to submit paperwork to stay or your resignation is automatic... please correct me if i'm wrong I was reading over this just last week - news to me.