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I just recently received some information about the Navy Nurse Candidate Program. I am currently working on my ASN and plan to go straight into my BSN. I have plenty of time to decide if the NCP is... Read More

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    Hi, I am also interested in doing signing up with the Naval Reserves as a psychiatric nurse (RN). I've heard that deployment for them is mainly in Germany. I wonder if this is true, and if so, how frequent is it happening?
    Dear Guitar:

    I note that your question is re: Navy RESERVE. I don't know where the majority of recalled Navy Reserve psych nurses are being sent. I can say however, that I just returned from 9 months in Kuwait and we had a large and VERY busy mental health department including Nurse Corps officers. I strongly suggest that you assume the following if you join the Navy Reserve Nurse Corps:

    1. Assume that you will be recalled to active duty. The official position of VADM Cotton (the head of the Navy Reserve) is that all Navy reservists should expect to be recalled for 1 out of every 6 years.

    2. Assume that you will be deployed to someplace distant, uncomfortable, and possibly dangerous. You may not be, but it should be no surprise if you are.

    If these ideas repel you... don't raise your right hand. If they appeal to you... Welcome Aboard!

    I have enjoyed my Navy Reserve career tremendously. I have have many excellent experiences and seen a few foreign places... Japan, Ghana, Honduras, Kuwait, Qatar. I have had lots of cool schooling, such as Cold Weather Medicine at US Marine Corps Mountain Warfare School and study at the Naval War College (12 graduate credit hours).

    I look forward to your questions. Good luck with your decision.

    Very Respectfully,

    CDR Jim McGraw, NC, USN
    Quote from cbarnett2

    With the current state of affairs in the middle east, are many Navy Nurses being sent into Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. If so for what period of time are they there?
    I just came back from 9 months in Kuwait as part of Expeditionary Medical Facility Dallas. We had LOTS of nurses of many different specialities. There was (is?) a Navy Expeditionary Medical Facility and several smaller mobile Navy medical units (FRSS) in Iraq earlier in the war. Yes, there are Navy Nurses on the ground in the Gulf Region.

    You asked a VERY interesting question about the duration of deployments. For this mission the policy was: Active duty Navy medicine... 6 months. Reserve Navy medicine...12 months. Although I am a reservist, my stay was shorter due to the realities of timing and movement of personnel.... some of my shipmates were there the whole 12 months.

    I look forward to your questions. Good luck with your decision.

    Very Respectfully,

    CDR Jim McGraw, NC, USN
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    Ok this has helped me a little, but I have a slightly different question and would like anyone who is in to answer. As a former Marine I understand the ways of the military and feel a calling to join the Navy when I graduate nursing school. This will of course make me a new nurse entering into the program. My intent or goal, if I enter the Navy as a nurse, is to get as far forward as possible and be as closely attached to a marine unit as is physically possible. I have read some, but not all of the replies in this thread and it appears that may be a possibility, but my concern is the fact that I will be a new grad. Please elaborate on how imbedded a nurse (RN) can be with a Marine unit and how forward they can deploy. For example can you be on a base in Afghanistan? Can you end up on the forward foot patrols that are taking medical to the families outside the wire?

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    not so much. you are wanting to become a PA in the navy based on your goals...