Civilian Interested in Reserves

  1. Good evening everyone,

    I am interested in joining Reserves, anyone able to comment on their experience with the process, preferably someone with no previous military experience before joining reserves.
    I have yet to speak with a recruiter so I am not sure whether my qualifications will grant me the opportunity.

    2 yrs ED (small community hospital, no trauma)
    2 yrs Medical-surgical ICU (Teaching hospital).

    I have my CEN, CCRN, and TNCC, currently working toward CMC.

    Goal for joining reserves is to mainly broaden my scope of knowledge-practice (I know a friend that has gone through AF reserve and the training sounds incredible with opportunity to learn new things outside hospital nursing). Possible thoughts of flight nursing but, I am overweight and have been working on getting in shape. Stuck on CRNA and NP dilemma, but I will worry about that later.

    Anyone able to comment on their experience or simply offer advice.
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  3. by   Spring624
    Do you have your BSN? If not you'll need that.

    It's definitely a hurry up & wait game. I began the process in June '17 to be a candidate for the October board. Was notified of selection mid November & am now waiting for congress to approve the selection through the scroll process. Once that is complete I will finally be able to commission.

    The best of luck to you!
  4. by   Have Nurse
    Am curious...why do you want someone to comment who has had no previous military experience?
  5. by   ArmyMedicRN
    Definitely get into shape now if you're seriously considering it. Make sure you don't have any medical disqualifications... If you do, get a doctor to clear you. If you have any medical diagnoses on your record, it's more than likely going to need to be cleared, unless it's something very small, like ear infection as a child. If you have a serious medical condition, pretty much don't bother with the military, they won't let anyone who is non deployable serve anymore (exceptions still occur). Best of luck.