Can I choose where I go in the Navy Nurse Corps?

  1. I am thinking about joining the Navy Nurse Corps but would only like to do so If i could move to Europe and work at the navel base in Rota, Spain. It has always been a dream to live and work in spain.

    I am an ER nurse with a little over 1 year experience. I live in Northern California and I am willing to take the pay cut to join the services. I just don't know how obligated the navy is in regards to placing me where I would like to go. I dont want to spend 5-7 years in the mid west or east coast.

    I am at the very beginning of the application process but this placement issue is kinda a big deal to me... i need advice big time.

    thank you sooo much

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  3. by   just_cause
    Glance through some older postings here.. the initial assignment for navy nurses has been discussed a bit. There are a few major hospitals which are the typical first assignment. Pulling it from my head (and not being in the navy) I believe two are on the east coast and one is on the west coast. If location is a deal breaker - at some point you probably won't get what you want.. from what I have seen there is a cycle where everyone is trying to get their ideal slot and everybody usually has that same goal -
  4. by   NursePamela
    Ask around about Rota Spain. Last I heard they made it smaller but I am not Navy.