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  1. Hi, I'm new to this thread and have been reading posts for a couple of weeks now. I have just sent in my application, finished my physical and am just waiting to hear back from the approval board. I'm super excited about army nursing as I am 24 y/o and single w/o kids and would love to take care of our soldiers. I do have a couple of questions though.

    Do all nurses go in as 2nd LT the same as new grads? I have two years of ER experience and have my CEN. My recruiter gave me a chart with ranks and job description/roles and my current job fits that of a 1st LT.

    Also, when they say "up to _____" in regards to a bonus, do people usually get the entire bonus? I am curious because I unfortunately bought my house 2 years ago and will end up owing money if I sell and wanted to use the bonus to help with my loss. I never thought that houses could depreciate so much in so little time and real estate commission is gonna take a chunk as well! Oh well!
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    Congratuations on your decision to do Army Nursing and kudos for your willingness to serve.

    They use something called constructive credit. The link below will help you figure out your constructive credit.

    Below is from the Army HRC site. This is a good question to ask your recruiter. When my packet went to the board, my recruiter had neglected to calculate my constructive credit and my packet should have gone as 1st LT rather than 2nd LT. The board corrected it, but I had to wait an addtional month to swear in because my "scroll" as they call it had to be re-approved by the senate for commissioning at a different rank. Make sure you packet goes to board with the right constructive credit.

    Best of Luck.,

    When appointed, some AMEDD officers are awarded Constructive Service Credit. Credit is based upon qualifying degrees, internships completed, graduate professional education, other advanced degrees, professional experience in the area appointed into, and for prior active commissioned service time. Excess credit beyond appointment rank is used to adjust the officer's Date of Rank. It does not alter the officer's Pay Entry Basic Date (PEBD) or Commissioned Service Date.
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    also, i believe the army has a program to help you with the sale of your house and if there is a loss. the bonuses are listed on the website. the bonus amount depends on how much student loan payoff you decide to take if any and also your commitment time. stick around these boards- you will learn soooo much. you may also want to check out these blogs that were recently posted on this board, great info from nurses who are already in.

    best wishes!