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  1. hello, im curious about the "wishlist" for the army nurse corps. im a surfer/beach bum type and im commissioning very soon. i am putting trippler hawaii as choice #1 and some overseas options like korea and germany as well. my questions are:
    how much leverage do i have in choosing my first duty station?
    Will this station be assigned in my contract?
    If im assigned overseas, how will this affect my critical care course guarantee?
    am i better off choosing stateside locations?
    if so, which locations would you recommend from experience and knowing that I prefer warm weather and being near the ocean (as much as possible)?

    thanks in advance!
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  3. by   athena55
    Hello mello:
    I think the "leverage" one might have comes from rank and how long one has "been in"
    Are you a recent graduate from a nursing program or do you have a few years as a registered professional nurse under your belt? The reason I ask is...if you have a few years under your belt sometimes no matter what you place on your wish list, the Needs of the Army come first....And you may end up at a post you never even thought of!
    You will find out via Branch if one of your picks came through, or at least that was how it was for me....Some people find out via their orders....
    Now looking over my USAREC Form 1205, I see that for the Generic Course Selection Program - GCSP, it states "I understand that if I request and am assigned to Alaska, Korea, or Germany that my selection of the GCSP becomes null and void" So the answer to one of your questions is YES, if you are assigned overseas, this will affect your critical care course guarantee. In fact, when you do go over the USAREC Form 1205 your Recruiter should be sitting right there with you to explain everything before you sign or initial on the dotted line.
    I know of a CPT (AD) in the ANC who took and graduated from the 8A course (CCNC) as TDY Enroute to Germany, but as I said she graduated from the course first.
    Whether you stay CONUS or attempt to PCS OCONUS is your decision. <--- check out this link for more information on the different duty stations you might be assigned to.
  4. by   nebnurse
    thank you so much i will definitely being this up with my recruiter. i am a student, grad in dec but excited about ANC.