1. I just wanted some information on AECP, because I would like to start getting my packet together. I have went to the website and looked at the info. I just wanted to know first hand from some people who have been there. I am dual military and my husband is trying to get into a school in Fort Sam this year. We are currently stationed in Fort Sill, Oklahoma and I would like to apply to a college here for AECP since I am not sure if he will be accepted or not. What i would like to know is, if I get accepted to the AECP program and to a college here in Oklahoma and my husband goes to San Antonio to PCS, will I be able to change my school from Oklahoma to a school in San Antonio and still be able to do the AECP as long as its 30 days before I start the school? I have a family and I would like to know if its better to wait till my husband figures out where he goes or start my packet now and see if they are able to let me change schools just in case he moves.
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  3. by   wanabesearenay
    Did you get your packet in for FY11? Did you have to have all tabs done pre board meeting?
  4. by   kilo_soldier
    SGT Auggie

    I just applied for FY11 and currently awaiting the board. Some where in the guidelines, it states how many days you have to submit the post board information which includes your acceptance letters. You have until 1 Feb 2011 to submit your packet. I'm sure your husband will have an answer by then. Also, the recruiters for AECP are very helpful.
  5. by   aggie nurse
    i was stationed in fshtx and many schools do not take transfers from other upper level programs jr/sr year students. i know texas tech, ut, ut tyler and utsa do not except case by case situation. i was working these programs hard so when you get into a program stay. they already have wait list for students that did not get into their upper level. nursing school does not start until jr. year. to you all i just graduated in may 2010 and test nclex on the 30 of june. the biggest error most soldiers make they focus too much on the board and do not put enough effort on their effort of getting into a nursing program. many nursing programs look at their students that have been there for at least 2 yrs first then consider transfers. i was not on the primary aecp list but so many on the primary did not get into their schools. i was just like you all stressing over the application process, but the good gs staff at the aecp informed me to pick at least five schools make sure my gpa prereqs were at least 3.0. since i started much has changed more schools know the program and the great soldiers that have come before you and make more schools take a soldier with a weak gpa due to our past performance in the programs. i am male many schools want more males in nursing. good luck!!
  6. by   kilo_soldier
    aggie nurse,

    Which schools did you apply to? How was the process after you got selected into the AECP?
  7. by   aggie nurse
    Wayland Bapt. San Antonio, Texas Tech, UT Tyler, UAB, NC A&T. Many soldiers go to ODU and Austin Peay SU because they have military programs and retired staff. Wayland San Antonio is military friendly too. I got in that program but it was the very first class on S.A. campus and I needed to finish one more prereq and I did not want to remain under the microscope of AMEDD. The class was about 75% AECP. I am sure every instructor at Ft. Sam and retiring M6 at BAMC apply to Wayland now.
  8. by   kilo_soldier
    Thanks for your response. I was accepted in the AECP for FY11 and so far have only been accepted in to Alcorn State University for Fall 2011,but I would like to attend a program that is either accelerated or begins in the Spring.
  9. by   kyexplorer
    I was also accepted into the AECP FY11. I just looked at Wayland's website, but all I see is a 4-year BSN or an RN to BSN program. I do not have an RN. Do they have something AECP-friendly that is just not posted? Thanks in advance!!
  10. by   aggie nurse
    You must contact the Wayland San Antonio campus for BSN. The Dean's clerk was outstanding with the process. Good luck and remember the getting into school is your primary objective! It is better now with AECP and schools since I applied. The schools are aware of how well trained and advance the combat medic is. We are light years ahead of the average nurse in clinicals.
  11. by   aggie nurse
    Kilo I was told back in March by LTC Price that AECP does not allow accelerated programs. It may have changed under MAJ Snyder. You should email him and ask. NC A&T in Greensboro has a program contact DR. McCoy.
  12. by   kilo_soldier
    Thanks for the info aggie...I decided that it would be best for me to not rush this because I want to be a first time go when it comes to the NCLEX.

    Congrats kyexplorer on your selection. I was shocked to see so few people selected this FY
  13. by   aggie nurse
    your school is a small factor when it comes to the nclex. many schools boast high numbers but do not factor in the numbers they do not allow to test. i passed my test on the first try took it on june 30th a month after school. the schools with the high first time go % are the two year programs. what you learn in school is nothing like the nclex. some of my classmates with 3.7 and higher have failed the test. because they assumed honors mean pass on the nclex. i have not come across any aecp students who have not passed on first try. the key is to get into as many schools as you can. i have friends at my school, duke and unc chapel hill that have classmates that did not get to write for the nclex because the exit exam predictors and instructors said they were not ready. i suggest you purchase the kaplan to get an understanding of the nclex it is a computer adaptive test meaning it gets harder as you are correct and easier as you are wrong. you can get more than half right and still fail because your competence level is low. the nclex is application based and school is knowledge based. the two year programs are application based with more clinical hours. the bsn programs must have a focus on leadership. your school or any nclex prep program can not take the test for you. i am assuming by your name you are a lab tech. if true get with a nurse or ward medic and follow them until school. the nclex has changed this year because the nursing board felt that the test in the past did not test what new nurses needed to know (priority and client needs). remember many folk are changing jobs and seats are scarce so you get into a school. you take them all and make your chose from there.
  14. by   kilo_soldier
    Great information. After finding out I was accepted into the AECP program, I began focusing on applying to schools with high 1st time pass rates. I know I have a lot to learn in a short period of time, but have already began preparing myself for this. I already made plans to shadow some of the nurses at WRAMC from now until I leave for school. The information and guidance you have provided means a lot. Thanks. Hopefully I'll have several schools to choose from in November.