Anyone else having problems with the transition...

  1. Hi,

    I've worked in the private sector for a while and i've been at the VA almost 3 years and have been on the verge of leaving many times. The question I have is this: Is anyone else having a problem adjusting from the private sector to the VA?

    I am a LPN and there were lots of things I was allowed to do in the private sector that I'm not allowed to do at the VA. I know that all VA's aren't the same but alot of nurse's are complaining about "losing their skills".

    Anyone else concerned with that or anything else?
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  3. by   athena55
    Hello Jamangel:
    I am with VISN 3. The major problem I first had when entering the VA system was....A team is assigned to do all the "completes" i.e., complete hygienic care. I am used to doing my own bed baths. The only way to assess your patient, IMHO
    Also, was not used to using a "paperless system", but learning, smile. Can get a wee bit annoying when I forget to document the prn effectiveness, but I am very happy working at the VA.
    As for feeling like I am losing my is what you make of it. I take the time to auscultate my patients breath sounds, heart sounds, bowel sounds etc. This habit may be the result of my being a critical care RN for over 28 years (presently working in Telemetry).
    The biggest negative I have (working for the VA) is that I rarely finish my shift "on time". I work third shift and often am still doing "paperwork"/documenting on the computer when the night shift is starting their shift. Oh well......
    But like I stated above, I am very happy being a part of the VA team. I like the patient population, I really enjoy being with my co-workers, and the unit PCTC is a true nurse advocate.
    Do I sound like I tow the "party line"? Yeah, I guess I do. I am just happy to be working. Plus being in the ANC-RC and working for the VA...They "get it" where working for the private sector, they had such problems with my military BA and AT.
    Good Luck,
  4. by   jamangel
    thanks for that!