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  1. At 19 years old (May 2010) i received my ADN degree. That is when I found out about the airforce Nursing. I wanted the benefits, to be able to tavel and the sign up bonus. I wasnt even looking for the loan since I was able to afford for it. but at that time I do not have the 3 basic requirements to be an officer.
    1. should be >21
    3. BSN
    I will be receiving my BSN on December 2011 at the age of 21 and by February 2012 I will be having my citizenship. Also by July 2012, I will carry my 2 years experience in a MedSurg unit. With that being said, I am ready with the basic requirement by March 2012. My question is with the current economy, I have heard that the Airforce has such good retaining nurses that it is hard to get in.
    1.Do you know the estimated period of waiting or process from application to the COT (commissioned officer training)
    2. can anyone share their experience when it comes to the physical training aspect?
    I am now 21 years old female 5'6 weighs about 120 lbs. I am good with academics but never been good with sports.
    3. I have taken a look at Navy nursing and they seem to be more supportive than Airforce? Any advices between the two?
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  3. by   LegzRN
    Go here:

    Find a recruiter and talk to one. This is the best way to get the information you're looking for. A USAF healthcare recruiter will have the most accurate and up to date information regarding all the questions you have.

    The Air Force is as tight as ever, but they still accept nurses every year.
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    moved to our government and military nursing forum for advice.
  5. by   JerudC
    The former reply is right, you need to talk to a recruiter ASAP as it may take some time and you may have to back door into the military nursing at this time. Army nurse corps right now is basically be ROTC and in school for nursing, get an Army scholarship or serve 1 year in the guard/reserves then go active duty. I am assuming the AF is in a similar situation. As for the physical training.....can you run, do sit ups and pull-ups? I am former AF enlisted and I am told by the Army nursing officer I know that physical training for nursing is much less vigorous than basic training. You have to think, you will be an officer and things are different for officers. That said, it's always good to be able to run for 30 minutes straight. Talk to a recruiter, but take everything they say with a grain of salt.
    On a side note, good choice! GO AIRFORCE!