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I am currently deployed as a combat medic in the Army stationed in Iraq. Later I would like to persue nursing in the Air Force and I am currently enrolled in Excelsior Nursing School. My question if... Read More

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    Quote from harmon642
    thank you for all the posts everyone. the Army is a great thing for some people i am in it now but i am so not interested in Army nursing. mainly the 12-18 month deployment trust me they are unbearable . ... anyone can shoot me a message if they have any army medical deployment questions
    Hello Harmon,

    Yes, I have an Army Nursing question.

    How long after a new nurse graduate commissions before they will deploy? Also, with med/surg experience only where would one likely deploy? I am very curious about where I might deploy, (anticipate graduating in June).

    Finally, if you do not mind answering, how many times have you deployed and were you able to get the "full" two years off in between them?

    Thank you,
  2. by   Gennaver
    Hi Josh,

    Yeah, thanks for writing.

    I have heard from other nurses as well that the "one year" bedside thing isn't really going to happen and that six months is sufficient.

    Catch you later, your reply was helpful.

  3. by   medvain
    I am interested in joining in the U.S. AirForce as a Nurse, bcoz im very much interested with the benefits and all. I am a Filipino single Female. I am already NCLEX passer. My problem is, im not a U.S. citizen. How am i gonna solve this Problem?

    Hoping for answers from a Good Samaritan..

  4. by   dmg12
    Hi, I'm interested in being an Air Force Nursing, I recently graduated Nursing school, and havent taken the NCLEX-RN exams, would it be required for me to take? and if i do, would the Air Force pay for it, especially is i plan on take review classes?

    Im also interested in taking the Air Force NTP program, how is it like?
  5. by   BBFRN
    Mr. Harmon- we are so terribly sorry for your loss. What a genuinely wonderful young man Joshua seemed to be. You must be so incredibly proud of your son, and all he has accomplished in his short time here on Earth. Prayers to you and your family.

    Please feel free to share Josh's story with us.
  6. by   ladyviola
    Do you have a checklist, or know someone who has a checklist that an Air Force Recruiter uses to recruit and build a nurse application package?

    Trying as hard as I can to not seem as though I only care about me, here is what I want from the Air Force (and I am really flexible):

    To get commissioned in August and go to COT soon there after (I grad from Uinv of Del in July.)
    To optimize the signing bonus.
    To optimize the Tuition reimbursement.
    To go to Germany, Italy or Guam for my 1st duty station.
    If not Germany, Italy, or Guam, where (advice needed)?
    To have my mother put into DEERs as my dependant.
    To come in as a fully qualified Med-Surg nurse

    Please mentor me a little

    I am 47, married, no kids, 5 years prior service as Army Medic/LPN, RN, NCLEX certified, senior year BSN @Univ of Delaware, 3.98 cumulative GPA, I have everything in writing/origionals. The only waiver I might need is relative to my age but my recruiter told me 42 is the cutoff and each year of active duty trims a year of age. I am entering as a qualified Clinical Nurse. I need specific guidance from an Air Force Nurse/gonna be an Air Force Nurse/Air Force Recruiter/you know what.

    How do I optimize my Sign on bonus and tuition pay back money? Either repeat the info here or refer me to the pertinant info. I need help getting ahead of my recruiter so I can get the very best from him.

    My mother is my dependant, any probs there?

    What about 1st duty stations? I am qualified/prior service/full time Med/Surg Nurse. I am fluent (speak, read, write) German and conversational in Italian. I don't want to waste my dream sheet selections.

    I need the good old mentorship here.
    Thanks for the help, Ladyviola
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    Mr. Harmon,
    I too am sorry to hear of the loss of your son. My prayers are with you and your family