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I need help, I graduate in May 2003 (BSN) and am thinking about the air force, the recruiter is telling me all the pros.....where are the cons, where's the catch??.......and what about the Navy,... Read More

  1. by   carolinapooh
    I do have four years prior service, but I'll be making just under sixty grand as well. I'm also married, so that cranks my housing allowance up quite a bit.

    The original post is pretty old, but the thing is, that person who posted about the pay KNEW what she was going to make before she signed on the dotted line - if she didn't like the pay, she didn't have to accept the commission.

    People who gripe about the pay AFTER they've signed on - I don't understand that. You knew before you went in, you accepted the terms, it's a done deal.

    When I started, I made $19.37 an hour - and I've only been an RN since 01/08.