Air Force HPSP Scholarship

  1. Greetings,

    Has anyone gone through the HPSP program offered by the Air Force? Can you tell me about it? I spoke with a recruiter and he recommended that I talk with people that have done it to get an objective perspective.

    Also on COT; two websites give two different schedules: one starts at 0500 and one at 0515 and the end of the day one at 21:00 and one at 23:00. Can someone tell me what their specific schedule was during COT.

    Thank you for your time and help.
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  3. by   scrubnurse
    I have also been considering HSPS. I talked with a recruiter and I am in the process of getting my packet together. I am curious about what you find out!
  4. by   cacentralvalley
    So far, no one has responded but you. If you find more out from anyone please let me know as well.
  5. by   NHGN
    I am very much interested in this as well (just heard about it a few days ago from a coworker). I found your post during the beginning of my Googling, so I have lots to research still, but it sounds like it is highly competitive?? Said coworker also mentioned that there are limited spots per year and her recruiter said there are only three or so left (though I don't know if this is in the state, nation, nusing specialty, etc). Heard anything??
  6. by   cacentralvalley
    The healthcare recruiter I talked to said that HPSP is open to people going to school for nurse practitioner and that it is best to complete the application just prior or at the same time as applying to a university program. Sorry...that's all I have.
  7. by   midinphx
    I can answer the COT question. That schedule is just a Guideline. lol. Depending on the day, you generally have to be dressed and ready and formed up by 0445. Wake up is no earlier than 0430. Now you try to get 2 people into 1 bathroom, get your hair up properly (or shave for men), in 10 minutes! lol. We all cheated and broke the rules and set our alarms for 4am and dressed in the dark so they wouldn't see our lights on. After the days scheduled events, you are not done. There are meetings and projects to get done. Lights out is at 2330. We rushed to get to be by then, and often read/studied by flashlights. Weekends you are off unless your flight has activities. But you are still on lockdown in the dorms. We slept then.

    The HPSP scholarships were all med students in my COT class. They did COT and then back to school. they get paid during their education years and then owe the military time. It's a great program. But when your done and ready to serve, it'll have been years since COT and it would be a difficult transition I think. My 2cents.
  8. by   SL2014
    I am also extremely interested in this program, I have contacted an AF recruiter and am waiting to hear back, any information I find out I will be sure to share!