A few questions about being a Navy Nurse?

  1. Does the military have access to your medical records? Some people say they do, some don't. I took medication for depression from age 17-19 and I'm 21 now and I know I am better and it is behind me. I really don't even think I needed them, the doctor almost pushed them on me. If they don't have access to my records I will just lie, no problem becuase if I say I did then that would probably DQ me.

    Also after Officer Development School do I go to more training like A school? If you could tell me what ODS is like that would be appreciated. Is it really "fork and knife" school anymore?

    When I arrive on base will I live on base in officer barracks or will I live in my own house/ apartment on base or will I most likely live off base with living allowance?

    When you get to base and began working do they usually spend a day or two to show you how the hospital works and help you get the swing of things?
    I would love personal experiences and advice please and thank you!
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  3. by   AppleInBrooklyn
    The Navy will only know what you tell them. They do not have access to those records and will never know unless you put it on paper or tell them.

    (My husband is in the Navy and was a recruiter for three years. I'm prior Army.)
  4. by   navyman7
    Check out the many questions posted under: military nursing questions answered. We have answered many of these kinds of questions there. I am more than happy to answer your questions but check this post out first. Good luck