68W and Associates RN

  1. Hello Allnurses,

    Is anyone else here a 68W and also have a Associates RN?

    Does anyone know if it is contradicted to have an Associates RN and try to join as a 86W?

    Right now I have my LPN and am thinking about joining the reserves as a 86W/ M6 with my LPN while working on my RN. My question is if I get my Associates RN, while serving in the reserves as a 86W/ M6, disqualify me from that position?

    Longer term I would like to go active duty as a RN but in the mean time need to work on my degrees.

    Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    You had it right the first time — 68W, not 86W. LPNs are no longer M6s, they are called 68C. No, you would not be disqualified; I know 68Ws with Bachelors degrees. But just be aware that you can be mobilized, which might interfere with your school.
  4. by   subvitalsigns
    Haha.... yeh I typed it wrong the first time. Thanks for the info. That is a determining factor for me enlisting really. I figure if I enlist either active or reserve as a 68c then can work on my RN during that time. I am ok with being deployed and it interrupting school for a bit. Thanks again
  5. by   jeckrn
    If you go active it will not be easy to obtain your ADN. If you go active start on your BSN and apply for the Army's program which will send you to school for the last 2 years. Once you finish the program you will be commissioned as a 2LT. The program is competitive with around 25 slots per year. If you go reserves it will be easier to get your ADN but you will not receive a commission until you have your BSN. Even they there is no guarantee that you will,be able to switch over to the officer side.
  6. by   ces824
    Like it was stated above get your ADN 1st!!
  7. by   jeckrn
    I obtained my ADN and BSN when I was in the reserves. I did have to push my RN to BSN start date by 18 months because of mobilization. I do not know I would have been able to obtain either degree on active unless I was picked up for one on the service paid school options. Mission comes first and your education way do the line depending on your command.
  8. by   SAjala16
    Hello. I see this posts is alittle old but I am an Army reservist and I am planning to get a Masters in RN. I have a Bachelor in Human Services and prereqs. I was looking at the LPN as an option too since there is a coming deployment in 2 year. If I start the MSN next year it will be disrupted. I am wondering if I should go through LPN in the Army or outside of the Army and use my Post 9/11 GI Bill. I can then work on the rest when I return. I do want to go for direct commission.

    I am leaving all options open.