17 and thinking of Joining the Army for nursing

  1. Hello my name Is Daeshawn I am 17 and I have one more year left In high school. I live with my father but I don't want to stay with him after this year. I want to explore and do things with my life. Ever since I was little I was always fascinated with health. And I always wanted to be a nurse because my mother Is a nurse ( Still is) so I wanted to be just like her. So I decided that I will join the Army so I can study and become a nurse. But my question Is though. What kind of procedures would I have to go through to become a nurse while In

    the Army. What kind of programs and what kind of obstacles that I would have to go through. I am young and I need answers because I am worried about what it'll be like when I enlist Into the military. I really do need help because I want to prove myself to my family that I can do something with myself and I just want to make my mother happy by following into her footsteps. So please give me information on things I should know about trying to become a nurse In the

    Army. And for a reminder, I am 17 turning 18 next month with one more year left In school. Please tell me what I need to know. This information Is very important to me because I have a lot to learn about the military and nursing. And I already know about the Asvab and how I need a certain score to even get qualified to even study into the nursing field. So please be patient with me on this because I have so much to learn. Now I know as a Critical care nurse or a ICU nurse you'll be caring for patience who are In critical condition. Now I do know what Is to come at this job because my mother used to be a EMT and she told me countless stories of how she has seen people In the worse conditions. Telling me how she has seen people stabbed, shot, and seeing people with deep cut wounds. Now I understand that I am only 17 and I should be patient and figure out what I like. But my thing Is that I'm positive about what I want to do. Which Is being a nurse. I've always liked helping people. Even people who were hurt physically. I've

    Always wanted to become a nurse. But I always heard that there Is a Army ROTC program to become a nurse while going to school. But I believe that route Is not something that I want to go through. I want to explore and actually go to different states and countries. Even probably go across the world to Iraq and help someone child or mom who's In need of care. I don't want to really just go to school and work with the army and do ROTC. Because I've done ROTC before and I didn't like It at all. I know I'm gonna have to do similar things while In the Army. But while I'm at school I don't like the idea of being dressed up In military type uniform when I'm not even In the military. And half of the people I know who are In ROTC don't even join the military. But that's my opinion though.

    I just want Information so I can accomplish my goal In becoming a ICU nurse that's all If Its possible then I'll be grateful for the this. But If it's not possible please give me different ways to become one while In the military or not.
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  3. by   jfratian
    You really should consider ROTC, because it's pretty tough to become a nurse in the military without it. Your grades would need to be much higher to direct commission as an officer and nurse (not enlist) without ROTC. Also, a lot of times the military branches only direct commission applicants with a few years of full time RN experience; it changes from year to year based on needs.

    Also, I can't understand why the military would appeal to you if you have a bad impression of ROTC. There are a lot similarities in terms of fitness, drill, and procedures.

    You should apply to 4 year schools with nursing programs and apply for ROTC scholarships.
  4. by   core0
    I'll throw out another method. Enlist for 68C LPN then either use the LPN for green to gold or do your time and get out use the GI bill to do a LPN to BSN program. Just make sure you are OK with the military, its not for everyone.