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I just found out I got accepted into the nursing school I wanted to get into! I am shocked that I made the cut!

With regard to the 10 drug screen panel, I have questions. I take Prozac, Provigil and Valium. Are nurses allowed to take these drugs?

Also, I had endometriosis and have lots of adhesions. It makes it very hard for me to pee. (Especially in a doctors' office, on demand.) Basically I have to squat, and the pee flies all over ther place. I try to get the collection cup positioned so it catches the urine, but I never know where to place the cup. (OK, too much information but it's a problem.)

I know that benzos will show up in the drug screen, but I don't know how much they'll allow, even though I have a doctor's letter saying I am prescribed Valium. Provigil and Prozac. Are Provigil and Prozac going to show up on the test?

I've been lurking here a while, and you guys have been really helpful.

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I think as long as the amount of benzos in your system doesn't exceed the dosage you're prescribed, you should be fine. As far as the anti-depressants, I'm curious if they test for those too. It seems if they DO, it's kind of an invasion of privacy since people don't generally take Prozac illegally or to get high but to treat a legitimate b medical condition. (I know benzos are prone to black market abuse)

Also- try to do the test first thing in the morning, without urinating before going.. OR, drink a quart of water about 45 minutes before the test. Either should help you pee on demand.

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I take Prozac, Provigil and Valium. Are nurses allowed to take these drugs?

Yes. If you have an up-to-date, valid prescription from your doc you will be fine. Bring a statement and/or copies of your Rx slips to your drug screening, and make sure you give it to your tester. Most of the time you will also get a phone call once they complete your tests to be asked about any abnormal results, so don't be surprised if that happens, and just remind them that those drugs are prescribed and you can produce a valid prescription and doc statement.

As to the peeing itself...I feel your pain. I'm super pee-shy and have a hard time peeing if I'm thinking about it no matter how badly I need to go - pregnancy tests are impossible for me, LOL! Just drink tons of water before your appointment and deal with being uncomfortable and try your best with the cup. If you have a full bladder you should have "enough" to be able to adjust cup position mid-pee if needed. You might get a little messy, but sometimes that's what it takes.

CONGRATS on your acceptance!!!

Thanks for the advice, guys! My doctor has assured me that he will provide the proper back-up (letter, copy of scrips etc) and he told me to quit worrying. (And I've never failed a drug screen yet.)

I guess I should listen to him, but when it comes to pee tests I always freak out. A nurse friend of mine suggested that I ask if I can use "a hat" when collecting my sample. (You all probably know this - a hat is an insert in a portable commode.)

I can't believe after all this hard work I did to get into nursing school I'm getting stressed about peeing in a cup!

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