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I just got my acceptance from Madonna University in Michigan for their BSN program. Madonna is recognized as one of the best nursing schools in the state and I am thrilled. I took Ford's educational buyout to do this, I had 11 years in at the time. I am 35, M, Wife and a 2 year old, I work at a hospital as a transporter for now, work at a vitamin store, Student teach Pathophysiology at Madonna, Tutor Patho and English, take a full load of classes and I am still pulling a 4.0. I can't tell you how hard I have worked for this.

I know it's nothing like the difficulties I am going to encounter in nursing school, but I just get an overwhelming sense of accomplishment considering where I came from and what this means to my family.

Just wanted to share the news and tell you how much I enjoy reading this forum,



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wow congrats! i always admire the mothers in my class because they are so good at balancing being a mom and nursing school! i always feel ashamed when i think that i dont have enough time to study, do care plans or etc. all the moms in my class get really good grades, and i see all of them as motivation for me...saying if they can do it with such a full plate, i totally can do it since i dont have kids! also i found that the students with kids have a step up, since many of their kids have things such as vaccinations, child hood illness that help them understand certain topics better since theyve experienced it being as they are mothers!

congrats again and good luck!!

one tip..dont forget to "breathe"! take time to stop and enjoy the moment while your in school. many moms in my class get so overwhelm that sometimes i literally have to sit them down and tell them to take a deep breath as they cry for a bit..then all is well again =)

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Congratulations, Chuck. Well done. I start in September at UM's Accelerated Second degree. I have been in pre-req classes with a few "buyout" guys, and they are some of the best students in the classes. Enjoy your new life!


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Congratulations! It sounds like you deserve every bit of it! :yeah:


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way to go!!!



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Congrats! I got my letter today also!


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:stdnrsrck: congratulations on your success

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Congratulations to everybody and thanks for the kind words.

I just got my transfer into a PACU unit as an assistant at the hospital. It's patient care oriented and it's so cool to work in that area. I am learning so much that I am not intimidated like I was about clinicals. Nursing orientation starts on May 9th and I will find out more.

Congrats to everybody.


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