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I got a B - I am happy but now keep going over my grades wondering why I didn't do better ...

Geesh I am my own worst enemy... I was never this way before I have no idea when I turned into my dad - LOL - now...

I need to RELAX and enjoy my passing grade



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YAAAY, congratulations! Enjoy the holidays and relax til next semester starts. =)



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Congrats to you!!! A B- is passing, which is more than some of the people in your class can say...right? I've given up on getting A's anymore. Not with a job, family, semi-life, 106 hours of hospital clinical, 80 hours of community and nurse center hours....not possible. I just want to keep my 3.5 so I can grad with honors and keep my scholarships.



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yes! congratulations!


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WOOO HOOOO! Way to go! Now go celebrate!!!!!!!!!!

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