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Got into CRNA school. Now cold feet?


Hi so yes I recently was admitted to a CRNA dnp program. I start in May and believe me I am sooo excited and feel so blessed for this amazing opportunity in a field where you don't hear anything but good things!!! But The feelings I have had lately; anxious and nervous that I'm not making the right decision. Sometimes the stress keeps me up at night and I haven't even started. I have two small kids and supporting grandparents on both sides for help but we will have to hire someone for summer for sure and my husband works full time. 100k of loans on top of the 50 k I have but of course I realize this will pay off. I am wondering if these feelings of cold feet are normal?? I plan on shadowing again to make sure this is what I want to do. Even though I am already admitted. I know a little backwards.. This decision is life changing emotionally, personally, financially and I want to make sure 5-6 years down the road I will be as happy as 1-2 years into this career. any other recently admitted SRNAs feel this way? Any CRNAs out there doing it 5plus years as happy as the day they started? Any regrets at all? Thanks

Ruby Vee, BSN

Specializes in CCU, SICU, CVSICU, Precepting & Teaching. Has 40 years experience.

Are your "cold feet" trying to tell you something? Perhaps you're not really that interested in anesthesia anymore, perhaps this is a bad time in your children's lives to be devoting all of your time to school, perhaps you're taking on more debt than is comfortable? Listen to yourself . . . Perhaps your cold feet are telling you something that you need to hear. Or perhaps not; I don't know you or your situation.

What has helped me in the past with similar situations is to write. Sit down with a blank tablet and a pen (or a blank computer screen and an empty document) and just write everything you're feeling. Don't edit yourself -- spelling and punctuation are not a consideration here -- you're just trying to get all of your feelings out on paper so you can examine them.

Sometimes the writing is enough to clarify things for me. Other times, I have to pick through what I've written and consider "Is this a real fear?" Or "What is the worst that will happen if this is true."

Another possibility is to sit down with a trusted friend whom you know to have good sense and just spill your guts. Or even a counselor.

I was having an enormous problem not too long ago, and accidentally butt dialed my best friend. Although I didn't intend to have a long distance meltdown, I did. The questions she asked me not only clarified her understanding of my issue, but it clarified my own as well.

My own personal bias is that if you're not absolutely convinced that CRNA is for you, don't spend the time and the money on it right now. It's too much debt and too much time that you'll never get back.

You might want to ask over on the CRNA forum... However, while I agree with my friend Ruby's advice to seek clarity, you also want to be sure that you won't wake up three years from now saying, "Damitol, I shoulda taken that opportunity when I had it." Because it might never come again either.

No education is ever wasted. I went to grad school when I couldn't afford it and right after I had a baby, because I had the sneaking feeling I'd never get another chance. I didn't get to put it to good use (in terms of income) for a couple of years, and I finished paying off the loan when that baby's little brother was almost 6, but I had it anyway and have had opportunity to use it to great advantage since then.