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What would you do when you overhear co workers talking about the charge nurse who has gone back to school and that she has an agenda. There is favoritism that is shown to a few that have gone back to school with. For example, days off for them to complete assignments for her and themselves. I realize it's hearsay, but it could ultimately hurt them. Would you approach her and tell her what you've overheard of just stay out of it altogether.

The same as with all gossip, stay out of it. Find some important aspect of your job to walk off and engage in. No good ever comes of getting into the gossip mill.

I just wonder if upper management overheard this it could hurt them. Suppose if they are using the position for their own good. I will stay out of it though.

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IMO, unless this is a very close and personal friend of yours, I'd stay out of it. If it doesn't directly affect you, it's not your concern. Also, you'll find that people tend to kill the messenger in these situations.

And to be honest, if this charge nurse does indeed have an agenda and is showing favoritism or bias towards some staff, then she will have to deal with the consequences that management may mete out once they learn about it.

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There are always things you don't know behind the scenes, so best to stay out of it in a situation like this one.

Thank you for the advice. I am going to stay out of it.

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AMEN to that! :-)

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Stay out of it!

Rule of thumb...you'll never be involved in drama if you don't participate or escalate it. Go to work and just do that, work! It keeps life simple for you and keeps you happy.

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