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Gordon State College Nursing Program Spring 2015 Hopefuls


Hello, I just applied to the Gordon State College ASN program last month, but I do not many others who have applied. I'm super nervous with this being my second time applying. I would like to stay up to date with others who are applying, so if anyone is out there looking for someone to talk to through this process, please respond! I'd like to know yall's stats. I know a lot of people like to ask what my stats were when i wasnt accepted last year, so they are as follows...

gpa: 3.0

critical thinking: 68

teas (no longer need): 67.8

I'll post my current ones once someone replies, plus I'd like to know yall's. thx!!

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Hi I applied to the nursing program for next year also. I haven't took the critical thinking exam yet...I'm scheduled todAy. I have a 2.9 Gpa. Good Luck!!

Good luck!! It made me nervous when they raised the minimum score for the critical thinking to a 70, since last year I made a 68, but I barely did it. 70.0! Don't over think it and you'll do great!!

Hi..I took the Critical Thinking test today...I did pretty good I got an 85....so I happy... have you took it yet... if so How did you do?

I did last Thursday, and I barely passed with the 70.0..! But I thk having my cna and bls will help.

We'll as long as you passed...that's good... if you have never took it before..it's pretty difficult. I actually took a critical thinking test in Lpn school and it was just like this test...I met a few people after the test was over..but they didn't pass.

Yea, this one was the same exact one as last year. I talked to four girls after the test and only one passed out of the four of them. I think this test makes it more difficult to get in since this is a harder test than the teas and with the teas taken away, that hurts a lot of people's chances.

I applied this time and did well on the CT test. I have a 3.6, but I took my first class at Gordon over the summer. I have 2 classes this semester and still have to take A&P 2 next semester. I hope to get in this time but will be OK if I have to reapply for Fall 2015. I'm excited though, and the waiting to find out if I got in will be hard. I'm new to this area and know no one so it's nice to find this thread and maybe connect with some others.

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That is an awesome gpa, and the ctt is important so doing good on that helps a lot. They really like it if you've taken a lot of your core with them and if you finished your sciences, but your scores are awesome so I think you're ok. I'm sure you'll make it in!:)

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I wouldn't stress too much about not taking any of your core at Gordon. I didn't, and got accepted on the first try.

Hey everyone! Best of luck to all!! This is my first time applying and I am hoping and praying for my acceptance letter in October. My GPA is currently a 4.0 and I made an 80 on the Critical Thinking Exam. I do not have my CNA (even though it's not required it helps) so I am hoping my scores will be enough. I have heard a lot of people applied but I also heard that a lot of people have not passed the Critical Thinking Exam.

Awesome gpa!!!!! And ct score!! I'm sure you will get in, but I will be sure to pray:) yes, a lot of people applied, but not many passed the ctt... I tlkd to a few girls at the testing area, quite a few, about four or five, but out of all of them, only me and one other passed. And a girl who was in my cna class who also is applying said practically everyone in her group failed. She took it the day before me.

Thank you :) Well I am sorry to hear a lot of people didn't pass, I know I would have been devastated if I didn't. Hopefully it does not prevent them from pursuing and reaching their goals. I hope the next month and a half goes by fast and I hope we all recieve the acceptance letters that we are hoping and praying for :nurse:

Does anyone know how many people applied this time?

How did everyone prepare for the CT exam?

Can anyone tell me exactly what the Critical Thinking Exam is and how its different from the TEAS?

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The critical thinking exam is a reasoning and logic test. It tests your ability to think critically and requires application of facts. The TEAS is 100% knowledge based. It tests science, math, English, and reading. They aren't similar at all despite being made by the same company. If anyone needs help preparing for the critical thinking exam, I am happy to pass along some tips. I scored an 87.5 on it last semester.