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Gordon college of nursing Fall2010

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Congratulations to all the new students! Hopefully I will make it in Spring! Thanks again.

Not accepted either :( I am a "transfer student", all pre-req's completed at another school, have B.S. Psychology degree....now what????

I will be finishing up micro and a & p 2 at gordon during summer. I plan on reapplying at gordon for spring. I was told during orientation that they only accept maybe 5 or less applicants from other colleges. I will also be applying to emory and georgia perimeter. I might as well apply for other programs as well, like radiology, etc. Have you thought about another college or degree?

I was in progress with my pre req. AP 2 and Micro. I did get a waiting list letter though. But then a few weeks later they sent me an acceptance letter! I would just finish your classes over the summer or even in the fall .MAKE SURE YOU GET A's in ALL YOUR SCIENCES very important! but dont do lpn do rn girl!

hi gatordez i would suggest that you read the reviews on georgia perimiter college. do currently have a degree? you might want to look at university of west ga, university of north ga, kennesaw, georgia and clayton state as well. apply to as many colleges that you can. i was rejected by kennesaw and north ga, but was accepted into west ga. the good thing about west ga is that you can take the teas test as many times as you want, but the other schools only allow you to take it twice in a year and i think that you have to wait like 30 or 60 days before you can take it again. west ga also has a part-time program and give preference if you have a bachelors degree. west ga, clayton state and north ga don't have a time frame on your math and science classes which is great since mine is over 10 years. west ga also take your best 3 science grades which is also great because i have a c in my micro and they didn't even look at that. getting into nursing school is very frustrating, but don't limit yourself on the location. the one thing that i am going to dred is the commute. it is an hour and a half for me, but hey i can't be too choosy since that was the only school that i was accepted into. whatever you do, don't give up.

thanks:) I live in McDonough. How far is West GA? I am very frustrated having to retake these science courses:( I worked my way through college the first time and now with the tuition hikes it seems like I am being ripped off! I will look into West GA before spending 5 times as much for a class that I have already taken. I can't believe the fees that they add on. I paid fees for lab for A&P 1 and never even did one all semester. When I went to the University of Florida you at least got what you paid for.

The Carrollton campus might be an hour or more from you, the full time program is located in Carrollton and the part-time program is located in Newnan.

I have been spying on this tread for some time now....I think you all are very brave and show a lot of strength. I have been battling with myself to become a nurse and I really applaud all of you new Gordon nurses in training!!!

GaMommy81 specializes in MICU.

I am ready to start! I am getting my big to do list knocked out. I ordered my dosage calculations book so that I can study the five chapters that we have been assigned, and I am completing my cpr class tomorrow. I can't wait to start! Happy Summer everybody! See you in the fall!

I am not giving up..just really wanted to start in fall:( i have already registered for the last 3 prereqs for summer. Its going to be a lot of work but i am determined to get them done. I already have a bachelors degree so all of my sciences besides ap2 and micro are done. I quit my job as a flight attendant and it is really tough to find any work right now that is why i am a little impatient. Do you know of a legit CNA program that i could do in the fall?

I completed my CNA at Griffin Tech Fall 09 and got my license in Jan. Their program is inexpensive and takes 1qrtr and HOPE Grant will pay for it. I haven't looked for work yet, but i know of people who are now working as CNAs now. As far as the 3 science courses needed for the RN program at Gordon, you do have to have those completed along with the college algebra. They require at least 70% of courses completed especially sciences & math when applying to the nursing program.


Are you all referring to the LPN-RN program? I was wondering the same thing as I have only one class to complete and the class starts 7/08/10 and will be completed 9/08/10 which is one week past the registration deadline so I was kind of sad about that. Is there a possibility that they may still accept my application?

GaMommy81 specializes in MICU.

Is everyone all geared up and ready to start school this fall? I know I am! I am so excited to finally get the show on the road! Good luck to everyone! See ya at Camp I Can!!

Yes I'm Excited, even though Ill be going to Georgia Southwestern instead of Gordon.


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