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Goodwin College Fall 2020

by Brianna Norman Brianna Norman (New) New

Hi everyone! Hope you are all safe during this pandemic! I noticed that there has not yet been a thread started on here about the FALL 2020 ASN program at Goodwin so I though I would start one. I am in my 6th trimester at Goodwin and am applying for the first time into the program.

I currently have 61 credits (2pts.), 7 classes at Goodwin (7pts.), and a GPA of 2.99 (1pt) and am taking the TEAS on 5/30.

Nursing Points.png

I spoke to the person in charge today and about 250 people have applied into the program and 64 get in.

Hi everyone! I am also in my 6th semester at Goodwin. I was accepted last round (Summer 2020) but couldn't start because the orientation schedule at my new job conflicted with the class/clinical times. So I reactivated my application for Fall 2020 and should have 19 points.

250 applicants for 64 spots makes me so nervous! Is it usually mid June they send out the letters? Waiting is the hardest part!

Good luck on the TEAS!! I'm sure you'll do great!

It's probably going to take longer than mid-June for the letters this time. The TEAS dont need to be submitted until June 1st this time. I'm sure this delay will delay letters going out. Taking mine in a couple days!

I'm sure you're getting in with 19pts again this time.

Good luck on your test! What have you been using to study?

I'm a prospective student and have a question about the prerequisite course requirement.
The website indicates that applicants need to complete the prerequisite course with a minimum grade of "C", prior to applying, like Chemistry.
Does that mean that in the semester I'm taking Chemistry, I cannot apply for the nursing program at the same time. I can only apply for the nursing program in the following semester when I complete the Chemistry.
Thank you. Good luck on your application!🍀

So how it is normally done is you do chem and bio in order to get to A&P I and then A&P II. If you’ve finished BIO, CHEM, and A&P 1&II by the end of the semester you can apply the semester you are finishing/ finished all those classes. Have you attended Goodwin before or have a degree already?

Thank for your reply.

Yes. The problem is that I finished most of my prerequisite course from a cc in NYC. I just realized that based on their transfer equivalencies, they can take most of my credit, but Chemistry. I'm afraid that that will cause a big delay of the application.

I tried to contact the school and didn't get any reply.

A huge problem with transfer students is the application goes on the points system and you get get up to 7 points for taking classes at goodwin and 4 points for GPA but the GPA has to be from Goodwin and Atleast I believe between 2-4 classes. I have the rubric attached

I see the rule. I'm planning to take at least 4 courses, including Chemistry, from Goodwin in the coming fall semester to earn points.

If I do so, do you think I can apply for the 2021 Summer semester?

As long as your sciences are all less than 5 years old I would assume so

On 5/26/2020 at 3:13 PM, JGlow said:

Taking mine in a couple days!

Good Luck!!

4 hours ago, Brianna Norman said:

Good luck on your test! What have you been using to study?

I found the TEAS pocket prep app to be super helpful, especially with the math section. Overall the information was relevant and the question style was similar to the test. My actual test score was pretty much equal to my scores in the app.

@Brianna Norman

I used the pocket prep app, the ATI manual (I thought the manual was horrible), and the Trivium TEAS prep manual (that one was alot better).

I also did the ATI practice tests A, B, and Anatomy. I heard those tests are a good measure of the TEAS. Most people I know did better on the real test compared to the practice tests.

Taking it in 3 hrs haha. You'll do great on yours, just stay calm and remember that you know all that stuff.

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I did just about all the same stuff. You got this! Let your hard work shine!

@Brianna Norman got in the 80s. You'll be fine. I dont want to discuss to much since I dont know what the rules are but it is wayyyyy easier than people make it out to be.

Hey again everyone! I got an even 80 on my TEAS so I am applying with 16 points 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

@Brianna Norman

Great job! I'm trying to find out what the cut off is and when we get notifications.