Goodwin College...Anyone ever been to their program before?

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Hi, so I have been wait listed a couple times from the State programs. Considering this program and planning to attend an info session at the end of the month.

I am not 100% sure how flexible the program is. Heard classes are picked via a lottery system. However, if it does hold true 3 eves a week and done in 20 months I am game!

Only downside it is a $50,000 program and unsure if I will be able to afford it. If I will be eligible for a private loan.

Curious on those who have gone or are in the program currently...appreciate any insight can offer up.

The classes are not picked during a lottery system, the clinicals are, and each time there have been people who needed to change the day they got stuck with and so far (knock on wood) people have been able to switch with them. They said only once since the program started have they had someone who couldn't get the day he wanted and he had to sit a semester out but then got the 1st pick in all classes going forward. In the program, you usually only take the one nursing class and the clinical, so it wouldn't be 3 evenings a week unless you mean for your pre-reqs. The last semester is the only one with 2 evening classes or 1 loooong day class. And, because the classes are 6-9 credits, taking just the 1 can qualify you for financial aid because it is expensive. Good luck!

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