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Hi everyone,

I'm writing to everyone out there in Pittsburgh or who is familiar with Pittsubrgh.

It is finally time for me to get my school uniform and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for good Uniform shops in Pittsburgh.

I have to get my blue polo shirt through American Discount Uniform (Bloomfield and Oakmont) because it will have my school name, etc. on it but I am free to get pants, warm up jacket/lab jacket, shoes, steth and bandage scissors, etc. somewhere else if I want.

If you have recommendations please let me know. I am especially looking for a store with a wide selection of white pants. I would really like to find something with a drawstring (not elastic waistband) and maybe with a "boot cut" type of ankle. I got bonkers when something is tight around my ankle.

Thanks for your advice.



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There is a store on McKnight Road by Best-Buy that is very helpful. Also Check out the one in Parkway Center Mall. :) :) I ordered the pants from that uniform place. They don't fit well. Id like to get a pair of boot cut myself! And the carnigans that they had were not worth buying! We are allowed to get the one sided stethoscopes too. I found a Littman at allheart for 78 bucks including the shipping charges...:) Make sure you get a name tag or something for it. People seem steal them a lot!

I hope this helps...


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Hi Cheripa,

Glad to hear from you! For those of you out there, Cheripa and I are attending the same campus in the Fall. Unfortunately, probably not the same clinical group, but wouldn't that be freaky if we did?!

I was going to go to the uniform fitting they had at school yesterday and today but TCW told me that they usually aren't very strict about what type of pants you have, as long as they are white they are ok, so I decided I'd rather go directly to the store or another and see what selection is out there.

I want to say that I checked out around this time last year and I thought that they sold white pants that were a "boot cut" or had a little flare at the bottom.

I'll check again and see if I can find anything.


1,326 Posts does sell a flared scrub pant with a drawstring waist and an elastic back


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I have purchased uniforms form the shop at Century 111 mall b4 and there is also a uniform shop downtown which I think is call ed USA uniform. It is close to the melon arena. The one downtown used to have alot because of all of the business schools and colleges in the area. Hope this helps.


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Are they changing the uniform color this year? The reason I ask is because our polo tops were forest green. I can't suggest any other uniform stores in the area that have not been mentioned yet. Take care.



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Hi Tonya,

Yep, I haven't seen them yet but the polo tops for first year students this year are navy blue, according to the letter they sent out. Plus, white shoes, white pants and a white lab jacket.


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I heard that they changed the uniforms to be in sync w/ allegheny campus. I guess a lot of people go back and forth between them...

We are allowed to get colored steth, pen light, and scissors. We are also allowed to have any kind of watch, as long as it has a sec hand..

I have to check out the shop at Century III.... THanks Jen!:)


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No problem cheripa. It's located way at the end of the mall by the pet store.

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