Good pop up on PVT, No Breeze Lic. Info available?!

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Hello! I took the NCLEX-PN on June 2nd! I live in CA so the Quick Results are not available to me. I waited 24 hours to do the PVT and got the good pop up. Then I checked again the next day and I got the good pop up again. I have been checking the state license verification site, Breeze and Nursys,and my name doesn't pop up! On my Breeze account it says "No license Information Available". Under Applicant Activities is says "Vocational Nurse #******"What does this mean?! FYI I applied to take the nuclei by using paper, not through the Breeze account. I don't know if that has a connection or not?

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You won't see a license until your pass is posted and you pay the $150 initial LVN licensing fee

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You can keep checking the BVNPT website, but it will not do any good since you will not see a license number posted until at least a month from now.

Here's how the LVN licensure process works in receive your passing NCLEX result, then mail a copy of it to the BVNPT along with a $150 check or money order. The BVNPT staff will take their sweet time cashing the check.

You will see a license number posted on the BVNPT website several weeks after this check is cashed. In other words, you have no license number until you have actually paid for it and the BVNPT staff has processed the payment.

This makes a lot of sense. Thank you to both! Can't wait to see my results!!

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