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good place to live in Southern Cal?


I am a nurse anesthesia student who will be moving to southern california this summer for my residency at Arrowhead Regional in Colton. Does anybody have any ideas of good areas to live in the Riverside/San Bernardino area?

I live about 40 miles from Colton. I haven't spent much time there, but every time I drive through on the interstate, I know when I'm there.

Colton has some dairies and the smell, shall we say, is quite distinctive.

Be sure to pick an area far away from the dairies ... :chuckle

I live in orange county. It is basically in the middle of southern california. Lots of hospitals (and jobs for nurses) and you can drive to Los angeles if need be.


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I work in a hospital in San bernardino and really can't recommend anywhere around here. Redlands is nice but expensive and the rest of the area is crime ridden. I lived in SB for over 20 years and finally got tired of it. I live now in NorCal but still work in SoCal. Strange arrangement but I like it. Arrowhead is a large COUNTY hospital. Don't let the name change fool you. It was and will always be known to locals as SB County Hospital. Everything I have heard about it is positive, new facility, lots of high tech equipment. The people of SB county will be paying for this for many, many years to come. You will get lots of experience there because they are a Level One Trauma center and get lots of it. The patient population is mainly low income and on medi-Cal. Your best bet on places to live would be to get in touch with the anesthesia dept and talk with some of the staff on where they live. Colton has a high crime rate, but so does the majority of surrounding areas. Good luck, I know you will find something and will learn alot from the program there. Mike

Originally posted by shodobe

Redlands is nice but expensive and the rest of the area is crime ridden.

Since the fires took out so many homes, everything is really expensive now.

A friend of mine's rent was raised $300 a month after the fires.

Are you planning to rent or buy?

San Berdardino (as already stated) has a high crime rate, but Redlands is a good area. Loma Linda has a very low crime rate, but may be more expensive. Other good areas within a 30 minute drive would be Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Norco, Corona, Grand Terrace, Yucaipa, and the better parts of Riverside. (Some of these areas are semi-rural with horses and cows, though, so the odors are interesting depending on the direction of the wind.)

I would suggest not living in Highland, Perris, Moreno Valley (although there are some good areas), or Fontana.

PM me if you have questions about a specific area, and I'll try to help you.

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