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Good part time/night jobs

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So I already have a BA in English and a desk job. But my plan is to apply to an accelerated BSN program. I'm still working on all my science prereqs, as my English degree did not require many science courses.

If by some miracle, I do get accepted into an Accel program, I must still work. From what I understand, nights and weekends would be the only time to squeeze it in.

Can anyone think of a decent paying part time/night job, besides bartending or waitressing? I do have some waitressing experience, but it's certainly not an easy job.

I currently make only $16/hr, but I get 40 hours a week ( still not very good pay for Massachusetts). I was thinking of getting my Pharmacy Tech certificate because it seems like one could work nights or weekends in that field. However, my research indicates the average pay is only $10-12/hr! Not sure if it'd be higher in Mass. What is a wannabe student to do?

You could try applying at some universities libraries. I know a few around me are open 24 hours.

I'm also trying to find a way to pay the bills while I go to school. I've thought about cab driving but it seems like you have to work 6 days to bring in enough money and those are 12 hour shifts. That just isn't going to work.

There is another thread going today about a person who has high debt and wants to go into nursing. She is a teacher. Within that thread is a post listing several links for jobs doing grading of student tests. With your degree in English would be right up your alley. Remember that a testing company that I used to work for actively recruited teachers and people with degrees in English to work on their grading projects.

What about working as a CNA? Though, you need to have to take courses and a test to become a CNA. Once you have you license, you can work nights and weekends. It also gives you a good foundation for your future nursing career. career.

i'm hoping to get into an accel program too in fall 2011. there's no way i can quit working bc i'm the breadwinner, luckily (i suppose) my agency is 24 hours so hopefully i can switch from day shift to either evening or nights.

Most nursing students I know work as CNA's on nights and weekends. I am a CNA and have a weekend job at an assisted living facility. It works out great for me because I have tons of study time while I am at work.

I looked into doing an accelerated program but at my school, nursing students in the accelerated program must sign a contract (not sure if that is the right word here) stating that they agree not to work during the duration of the program. Traditional nursing students can hold jobs but are encouraged not too.

I didn't do the accelerated program because I MUST work.


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I work as a unit secretary at a hospital. Although I mostly work days now, there are also night and weekend shifts for when I start the nursing program. I just started about 5 months ago and I make almost $22 an hour.