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I am planning to relocate to another state. Currently I am a RN in new york City and I would like to move to another state that is low key, family friendly. I have 9 years experience- progressive. I will have my masters - Adult Nurse Practitioner in may 2015. I plan to take agency assignments in texas and florida to see if it is the right fit. I have applied to several nursing agencies that I have come across on the internet but I am not sure which one I should go with. Does any one have a particular agency that they believe is fair with good benefits. I will be travelling with my 2 young children and caregiver for assistance. So good housing is a must if I can not find living arrangements of my own.

Be aware that agencies work off of a fixed bill rate. Better benefits means less compensation somewhere else. Zero sum game. But if you are strictly interested in benefits, larger agencies have better benefits. In fact, if you Google the top ten travel nurse companies, you will find the list on Highway Hypodermics that is heavily weighted to benefits. Fair pay you can determine by talking to several agencies, fair treatment you can only learn the hard way.

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I work with Medical Staffing Network. They staff lots of hospitals in Florida. I am per diem so I can't speak to benefits but it's good to have lots of options as far as assignments.

I am currently working for Medical Solutions and

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