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Just writting to wish all the people out there good luck on starting your programs. My first day is tomorrow. I am so glad the wait is over.



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Good luck to you craig, and all the rest of you guys starting soon! Keep us posted and don't be strangers!



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good luck craig. I am very jelous. in utah you have to have a state saftey and a seperate imissions inspection every year. and stand in line. lol

I have actually recived a few letters stating that my app has been recieved.



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Good luck, and have a good time doing the school thing. It won't be easy, but it will be challenging, and will allow you to take measure of yourself in ways you may not have ever imagined.

You won't have a lot of time, but drop a note from time to time to let us know how its going.

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Good Luck ALL!

I, too start next week. Cal State Fullerton! Keep a positive attitude and work hard! We all know it will be worth it!


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Good luck to all, and have fun!!

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Just Remember...

Hard? Of course its hard. If it wasn't so hard everyone would be doing it!


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I would really like to know how you like CSU-Fullerton. I am very interested in applying to their program and any insite you could provide would be greatly appreciated.



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Good Luck All! I start the UT-Houston program August 26th, but was able to take a couple of the fall classes (MSN courses) early this Summer. 2 down, several to go (lol). I look forward to the "this is your life, this is your life in the CRNA program" speech coming soon to the new class next week! Good Luck To All starting programs across the U.S.


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Good luck to all of you starting this fall!!! I hope you guys can drop us a line sometime and let us know how it goes the first semester. I start USC this January, so I have a few months yet. Any helpful hints would be great. BEST WISHES!!



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This is the first time I have used this site. It's great to hear other's opinions who are in the same boat I am! I just started CRNA school this past Tuesday and I'm overwhelmed too! Good luck to others in school. I hope we all make it!:eek:

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Yes, good luck everyone. I am very interested in hearing your experiences.

I will camp your blog, nilespoc.

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