Good Luck NCLEX'ers


Hello All!

I have been snooping around here off and on and thought I would say hello on this very momentous day. One year ago today (yes on Valentine's Day) I took my NCLEX RN in beautiful downtown Gardena, CA.

I had a standard experience, 75 questions and thought I failed. But, it all worked out and I passed.

I want to wish you all the best of luck. There are only a small group of people who can understand the stress that you are going through and you have found them right here. This is a wonderful support system.

A word of advice...especially for those if you in busy Los Angeles. Try to have someone drive you and pick you up from the test center. I drove myself home after the test in busy morning LA traffic and I dont remember one moment of actually driving, just of screaming into my cel phone at one of my nursing school classmates. Not the safest situation.

You are all strong and beautiful. Now, go in there and CRITICALLY THINK YOUR BUNS OFF!


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best of luck to yah and happy valentines to everybody!!!! hope we all pass nclex!!!!

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