is this a good idea?


My potential nursing school program starts Jan '12. I am wondering if it would benefit me at all to try and read the books we will be going over in the course? I have a young son and already will have to put him in daycare full time, so I am wondering if reading the books beforehand would cut back on study time at all??


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In short, no.

It would be helpful to go over patient assessments - head to toe. However, to read about it is only slightly helpful. You just won't retain the information. If you have a friend going into the same program, and is willing to practice with you, you both could get really good with the assessments. It's most helpful to read the book(s) just before your lectures and then again going over the important items before the tests. I wish I could tell you otherwise. Nursing school is just plain hard on kids.

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doubtful. You do not know what they will be emphasizing. However, it would not hurt to try. You can always stop if you don't think it is fruitful. If there are questions at the end of the chapter, try to answer them.

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It would be beneficial in that any previous exposure and later repetition is helpful to learning. It could be detrimental in the fact that you'd get tired of reading/hearing about it.

People study different ways. If I "study" I read the chapter. I don't do notes, slides, flashcards, highlighting, or any of that. I listen in lecture, and if I really want to study I'll read the chapter. Depending on your skill with reading comprehension that may or may not help. I don't think it could hurt you at all.

I consistently suggest that people know their physiology. If you have any familiarity and interest at all in this then patho, interventions, etc will come so much more easily because it'll make sense. I find that most people in my program don't know basic physiology and they can't figure out the rest because they end up trying to fit square pegs in round holes.

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Thatguy is right on..... I happen to like my A&P book because it gives really easy to digest information. That would be the best reading. As you study each system, try to come up with the diseases and conditions that affect each.